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AQA Drama GCSE results

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by chardmnel, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. Has anyone had an word from AQA yet?
  2. If this situation runs and runs I assume all interested parents should formally raise an EAR request via their school before 20th Sept deadline to avoid them being disallowed as late? (ok call me paranoid)
    If enough EARs are raised now this will reinforce the message to AQA right now
    Having said that, I assume the issues raised in this forum trail require a Service 2 EAR? - thanks
  3. Anyone else dreading this week? Parents to face, children to face.
    I feel so sick to the stomach with stress about this. I haven't slept since results day :-(
  4. That's how I felt until I read the posts on this forum. What I did (as I went back last Thursday) is to print off about fifteen pages of these posts and submit them with a comparison chart of last year's grade boundaries as part of my results analysis, so that SMT could see that it's not me - it's the way it's been marked that's the problem, and that a lot of teachers are affected. My Head's been really supportive and it's made me feel a lot better about myself! If you can include the statistics of what your school would have got if your students had been marked by last year's system, that will also help, I think. Good luck, and get some sleep! It's not YOU, so don't blame yourself!
  5. If we used last years grade boundaries we would have got 50% A-C what we expected. NOT 10%%!!!!! I am DREADING tomorrow! so unfair to move a C in Unit 1 up by 14 marks!
  6. Retro Bates

    Retro Bates New commenter

    Overall a students needed over 121 marks to gain a C. I have a student who scored 121 out of 200 and still got a D. Last year it was 98.

    I am disappointed that AQA have not yet addressed this shortcoming publicly. Instead they seem to be sticking their heads in the sand.

    Personally, I cannot wait for the next standardisation meeting. Sue Elles has, in my opinion, misguided me.. And I look forward to seeing just how far this issue runs.
  7. But there aren't going to BE any more standardisation meetings! It's going to an online process this year (as AQA told me when I rang them last week), so there'll be no opportunity to meet up and speak to any AQA representatives in person. Somehow, we HAVE to get them to sort this out, but how we force them to, I'm not sure.
  8. Crowbob

    Crowbob Lead commenter

    The principle of UMS is that the level of performance to get a C last year and this year will be the same, even if the grade boundaries move.
  9. Yes, that's the principle, but it's clearly not the same. That's the problem.
    I spoke to AQA last week directly after results day as the results had been so shocking. e.g. pupils who did the paper last year and got high A's, got low C's or E's this year (A star pupils in all other subjects I might add). They actually TOLD me that a mistake had been made and I quote 'something has gone wrong somewhere...you are not the first school' and I was told to write a letter to the Drama Subject Leader and given an address and things would be looked into. However when I rang to check on what the exact problem was a week later, I was fobbed off and told that the person I had spoke to earlier had got it wrong (btw also the dance exams were affected according to AQA). To cut a long story short the drama subject leader actually encouraged me to write a letter that she/he would pass on. She/he also did admit that the results were very strange and that 'people were keeping an eye on it' and that unfortunately we had to go through correct protocall (e.g. paying for and requesting a remark).
    DO NOT GET ANY PAPERS BACK IF YOU WANT THEM REMARKED! You cannot have them remarked in that case.
    But yes, like all of you I am utterly confused about where to go with exam teaching from here. Judging from the exam report and our excellent results last year we have been doing EVERYTHING right, yet no one got above a C out of 66 students. If it is happening to all of us something must be wrong. I wonder if it is due to electronic marking this year (last year it was still paper).
    Please all of you do write a letter at the very least, it is so terribly unfair on the students (and us poor teachers!).

  11. what?! If there are no standardisation meetings then how will we know how to mark our mocks as clearly we have been doing something very wrong if aqa think they are correct in their marking!
    I noticed that the section mine did the worst in was section C. Last year this was their best section.
    we would have had 98% A-C if the boundaries had not changed so significantly!!
  12. I imagine AQA will invite us to go on one of their courses addressing the requirements of the written paper. This is a course we have to pay for, of course, just as we have to pay for the re-marks. It's all more money their way.

    Interesting what you say about Section C. I was thinking that maybe we'd have got higher marks if we'd done Section C rather than Section B. Maybe not, then.
  13. Crowbob

    Crowbob Lead commenter

    They are an educational charity. They don't make "profit".
  14. For those of you interested, me and my HoD today worked out the following RAW grade boundaries and the differences between 2010 and 2011 (2010 is the 1st number, 2011 is the second):
    A*: 165 / 180 (15 marks difference)
    A: 141 / 160 (19 marks difference)
    B: 119 / 140 (21 marks difference)
    C: 97 / 120 (23 marks difference)
    D: 80 / 100 (20 marks difference)
    E: 64 / 80 (16 marks difference)
    F: 48 / 60 (12 marks difference)
    G: 32 / 40 (8 marks difference)
    Previously the mark boundaries have only gone up or down by a maximum of about 5 marks. How is it "fair" (hate to use that word, but it seems the only one that is fit here) that in 2010 you only had to get 97 marks out of 200 to get a C and THIS year you had to get 120???
    HOW can we teach to the appropriate level if the boundaries are going to change this much?
    Surely a 23 mark jump is just RIDICULOUS??

  15. No, but they can still make use of the extra money coming their way.
  16. After going back to school yesterday I am going to have about 14 remarks. However, I am trying to gather any information of centres that are in the Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex areas to gather evidence and create a letter on behalf of this region to help assist somebody else who is writing to AQA in another area. If there anyone would like to contact me about forming a letter together can you inbox and I will send you my email address to correspond with each other.
    Refering back to another issue - anyone who has contacted AQA and know any info about possible strange markings or meetings occuring try to keep a record of any phonecalls you have made so that they do not go back on their words!
    Good Luck
  17. Retro Bates

    Retro Bates New commenter

    Not entirely accurate, as I have one student with 121 and a D and a 14 which ended up on a C. It all appears to change with the UMS shenanigans which.
  18. Retro Bates

    Retro Bates New commenter

    That should read 140 for a C (142 for a B)
  19. AQA have admitted to the HMC that this year's written examination has not been satisfactory. Any centres with concerns are offered a review with no risk to candidates - ie their result cannot be lowered. If you are concerned about your results in the written paper contact AQA - ensure that Independent Schools are not given preferential treatment. Every concerned centre has the right to this review of their centres marks with no risk to candidates. AQA have got it horribly wrong.
  20. Retro Bates

    Retro Bates New commenter

    I wonder where this source of admission comes from. I have been in the loop of a correspondence with HMC and they aren't admitting anything yet. They are looking into it and advise centres and parents to follow the correct procedure. This is not an admission......yet

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