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AQA Drama GCSE results

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by chardmnel, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. When I awarded the practical marks examiner said that we were in tolerance and that no marks would change. Most students achieved a potential 40% plus out of 60% (80/120 marks). I was counting on achieving 80% A*-C and have been told by my line manager that we only got 45%. I noticed on the website that the boundaries had gone up slightly but what a drop from my expectation. Was the written exam marked too low? I can not access these marks at the moment as this is not availiable online until tomorrow, but I feel that I've let the kids down and there is such a descrpencey with my expectation. I feel so devastated. I thought AQA was the way to go and I changed from Edexcel and achieved 86% last year. Please any help or info.
  2. Just looked at my written marks. There was only one student who ended up with a C grade overall on this component. What a joke? 1/46 students I am so gutted. This has badly affected the students final grade. Are the UMS marks correct? Also I am going to appeal about 11 students just wonderd what the success rate is?
  3. My written exam results were terrible... TERRIBLE. So bad that I am actually sat here crying right now. Students that are straight A* came out with Es for this component, and incidentally students who have a reading at writing age of SIX also came out with Es... how on EARTH can that happen?? I really don't understand it. I obviously did something wrong and yet I felt more confident than ever this year. I just don't understand, I don't want to go in in september :-(
  4. Lyns

    Lyns New commenter

    I am so disappointed in mine too - I felt they had been really well prepared for the exam and their resuts are just shocking! Only 1 C here too. My only positive is atleast they're in Year 10 so I can try to work out what went wrong for the resit!
  5. Yes mine are in year 10 too, but can't resit unless they pay for themselves. Which opens up a minefield for trying to teach it, with only 5 out of a class of 30 opting to do the resit I end up having to do it after school instead but then some don't turn up or can't make it etc etc and it's almost not worth the effort :-( I'm just in shock, I need to find out what I did wrong.
  6. Ours too - the written results have been dire but they were really well prepared from the AQA exemplar material and revision packs. Is anyone going to challenge the exam board? The same scenario A* students in some cases recording a G on their written paper. We were expecting a dip but not a 20% fall in pass rate and one A*. What is going on?
  7. I really don't know, I have taught AQA for 6 years and never got a set of results like this, if I am still teaching it the same how can the results be this different. I am dreading facing the parents.
    Maybe I will challenge AQA... never been in this situation before, will it do any good do you think?
    I am so sorry you're in the same situation. But at least take solace that you're not the only one.
    Total disaster happened somewhere along the line. Wierdest thing is, out of 60 students we got ALL Gs, Fs, Es and Ds... then one freak A*. So random.
  8. There is something very wrong here. My school - a top grammar school - noone achieved above a low B in the written paper and there were lots of E grades!! These are straight A*/A students - they were in tears to get a B or even C grade overall for their GCSE. The cohort had achieved 100% A*/A grades in their practicals yet only 8 out of a potential 50 gained an A grade - the rest got B and C grades. This is outrageous! Everyone needs to complain to AQA - and then move to Edexcel if nothing is done. I was achieving really excellent results with Edexcel at my previous school - a very average comprehensive - so it makes no sense at all that brighter students should be achieving massively lower grades. It simply must be a marking issue - AQA have a lot of explaining to do.
    Perhaps a letter of complaint from a long list of schools would be more effective than people writing individually? I feel terribly disappointed for my lovely students who worked so hard!
  9. I am in exactly the same boat at a high achieving grammar school. I for one think a letter of complaint from a long list of schools would be an excellent idea! I am seriously concerned that otherwise we will not get anywhere with them!
  10. mandimac

    mandimac New commenter

    I think if you look at the grade boundaries for last year's GCSE which centres did in a year, then you will find they have risen *** than j"ust a little!" EG for the Written Paper, Unit 1 A* was 60 last year, this year 68, A 52, this year 60, B 41, this year 52 etc etc..Unit 2 has seen also significant rises..eg an A grade last year was deemed to be 94/120, ,this year 104/120 .One always knows that grade boundaries will alter from year to year, but this seems a huge leap. We have had 2 students get Ds overall, which based upon last year's results would have been secure Cs..similarly one of our brightest and best students gained 113/120 on Unit 2, 46/80 on Unit 1 which on previous years would have been a secure A.He is one mark off and Aand now won't be taking A Level as it is his only B grade out of As elsewhere. Looking at the A Grades papers which gained 57/80 last year, we followed this and the other exemplar materials as models. and , to be honest, I think some of the marking on the exemplar was generous! ...We are appealing on 2 counts but one wonders if the Grade Boundaries have been raised significantly to counteract people who think Drama is a soft option? I think AQA should explain the rise..I suspect STANDARDISATION meetings will be a hotbed of dissent this Autumn....
  11. I rang AQA and they were saying I can get it all remarked. I will go and look at some of their papers before asking for a remarking. But as some of you have mentioned some students who A*/A who got D/E grades. Just a joke!!! I am up for writing to the board as well.
  12. This makes very reassuring, if not comfortable read.
    This was my first year with AQA and i was quietly confident that we had got things sorted. The exemplar material given on the website and at standardisation implied that really the vast majority of my students that did some work and revised would get a C. Our controlled assessment marks were almost all C or above, but our overal results left me at a loss.
    It really does feel like i could have sent my students in having NEVER taught them a thoery based lesson and they would have gotten similar marks. In fact one student did almost that and got a similar mark to the rest. It has brought all my grades down by at least one grade. A hopeless situation.
    I would be very eager to see what others think and do. We are submitting some for remarking, but i am not willing to risk asking for them all to be redone. I will also be requesting a spread of papers so i can see exactly how two very similar students can get a B and an E in the same paper.
    What a day!
  13. mandimac

    mandimac New commenter

    I think you will find there are quite a few schools out there who are disappointed. (I know of 2 comparable centres whose results have been less than predicted....)EdExcel has long been the Board that has caused most of the grievances but with AQA , there have been fewer grumblings. With the A Level (for which I examine and moderate) , allour results for AS and A2 were spot on.The Written Units especially were exactly what I had predicted and what the students had themselves had been producing over the 2 years...Plus the grade boundaries have stayed fairly stable! The Subject Officer at Guildford is going to be busy..
  14. I too am getting a remark for all students. Hideous unit 1 marks, especially as most of my students were predicted a*/a grades. A small comfort perhaps that other centres are in the same position, but really doesn't offer much hope to the students who have worked incredibly hard for an unfair result.
  15. I am also asking for remarks, AQA told my exams officer that if 8 pupils grades moved they could move the whole class up without them all being remarked. I was absolutely distraught after looking at the unit one marks for my class of pupils many of whom are straight A* pupils and received d/e for this unit - despite having A*s for unit 2!!!

  16. I also teach at a top Independent School and am utterly dismayed and confused by the results we achieved this year. Girls who are straight A* in every other subject have been awarded a grade e for written paper - less than half marks! I remember the chief examiner saying the new exam would mean everyone would get at least half marks!

    We have looked at the exemplar essays and all the students had revision books based on these essays. I am a harsh marker usually but even with a reserved estimate my "worst case" scenario was nowhere near the grades we achieved. Once again I am incredibly glum about GCSE Drama. I am seriously considering suggesting it is removed from our curriculum since I find it hard to promote anymore. It seems to be a bit of a lottery rather than an accurate test of 'knowledge. In fact our weakest student has achieved the top mark on the written paper! Great news for her, but really quite odd - I don't think she would really be able to evaluate her own progress with any degree of accuracy.I have been teaching for nearly 20 years, have taught in all kinds of schools and have taught all kinds of students. I believe passionately in the value of Drama, particularly at GCSE level where it can genuinely give students new experiences and hugely transferable skills BUT there just seems to be a real problem with this exam! The A Level seems sorted now and I feel teachers trust it - but this is another ball game altogether. We will certainly ask for a re-mark of the entire centre but I fear the damage to confidence has already been done. It is quite likely that our AS level group will be decimated (including the girl who got an E on the written exam, taking her mark from an A* on practical to a B overall - a real shocker!) In the current rush for places at University students are becoming very wary of anything that may lead to them losing a place in the future. A GCSE subject with such precarious results is simply going to be too much of a risk - no matter how much they love it

    Oh dear - rant over - I do hope some of our marks go up after re-mark, but I am losing patience with AQA - weary of having to defend something that I no longer trust myself! My students worked so hard and achieved exceptional grades in the practical - they were so looking forward to seeing how they had done overall - and today was not what any of us were expecting!
  17. I feel exactly the same, Lamayahmoon. I have been saying the same thing about promoting Drama to my students - how can we predict them grades when the results are so unpredictable?! We too used the specimen material from the website and standardisation meetings religiously to ensure success on this paper, and instead, like you and many others on the site, we got es instead of A*s. Weirdly enough, our weaker students also did much better than our brighter students on unit 1 - curiouser and curiouser... I have only just swapped to AQA because of their reputation as an academic and reliable board and I may well be swapping back again if the remark process is not successful; I have a feeling a lot of people on this forum feel the same. This marking debacle on top of the changes on the paper from the examples on the website and the hiking of the grade boundaries for Unit 2 all make me feel increasingly despairing about GCSE Drama, but yet also powerless to protect my students from thing like this happening again in the future! What can we do about it?
  18. Marty57

    Marty57 New commenter

    My school is in exactly the same situation...the written paper results are a travesty.
    I fully support any action that will be taken against AQA.
  19. Hey adsdmnel has emailed the subject leader for Drama at AQA expressing her disappointment etc. Could I urge you all to do the same? I think this needs addressing asap.
  20. By the way ellie22 I am a bloke, LOL !!! But hope you got my message in your inbox

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