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AQA Drama - Controlled Assessment

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by earl722, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. I am new to AQA GCSE Drama and have a controlled assessment in a few weeks time. When I am video recording this I was wondering if there is an offical way that they want cnadidate introductions to be done - I have looked in the Spec etc and cant seem to find an 'official rule' as there might be in the ICE for Edexcel - Does anyone happen to know of the way they would like it done?
    Also am I right in saying that there has to be some kind of official audience?
    Thanks for any light you can shed!
  2. I moved to AQA a couple of years ago and have never actually had any of my videos called. As I understand it, this should only happen if there are issues identified with the marking during moderation. I'm not aware of any particular protocol with intros but I usually get the group to line up in front of the camera just before they perform. First candidate says centre name and number and then they each give full name, candidate number and character after that.
    There is no rule about an official audience that I am aware of, however, I have found that the students almost always do better when they have one because if formalises the whole event. Even if this is just a different class from the one they usually perform for.
    Hope this helps!
  3. Has anyone from your centre been to a standardisation meeting? It's worth ringing if you've not. You should also now know who your coursework advisor is - they are a tremendous help if you need it.

    I make candidates line up and say their names, along with character names. As turtlegirl says, the DVDs are only called if there are very big problems with your marking - they're mainly there for your reference, perhaps you may be asked to reconsider marks after moderation, or in some circumstances the board may ask to see them. There's standardisation material on the e-aqa website.
  4. my edit vanished!
    I also use Y10 pupils, the rest of the cohort, and Y9's who're opting for GCSE drama as the audience - makes it more real for the performers and gives the others an idea of what they'll be doing when it's their turn. For TiE I find it really helps to have the appropriate audience for the piece.

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