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AQA BUSS4 Marking guidance

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by ClaireC10, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. This is a plea for help regarding BUSS4. Each year we get pretty good results across Units 1-3 but struggle with Unit 4. It is also the paper I struggle with the most in terms of giving guidance on how to earn a good level of marks in these large essays. I have been trying to write some sample essays for my students that we can review together after they have had a go themselves.
    My request is if anyone who is an experienced marker or just experienced at this unit who is willing to mark 1 essay for me and send feedback to me that I can then use to help me demonstrate the assessment objectives at this level. Also if anyone has any sample essays on any of the unit 4 topics with feedback/marking that I can learn from.
    I do the ones from the AQA website.
    If you are willing and able to help please let me know & we can sort documents via e-mail.
    many thanks
  2. I would get in touch with time2 at www.time2resources.com
    They have been sending out a marked essay per bullet point with comments on why marks were given.
  3. Claire,
    I have never really had an issue with BUSS4, I teach the exam same essay technique as I do for BUSS3... the only difference being students are required to write more, in more depth and use their own research as examples. Are you certain your students are using researched examples as otherwise they get capped. The skills of application, analysis and evaluation are examined in exactly the same manner as in BUSS3. Nothing special about BUSS4 except the research.
    With regards to Time2 resources, as they are turned around in such a short space of time, I have found them to be littered with grammatical and factual errors. I have had plenty more success with Tutor2U's BUSS4 resources. This is just personal preference, mind.
  4. Another suggestion....
    Why don't you apply to AQA to be a BUSS4/BUSS3 examiner? Then you will be invited to their training.
    Hear it from the horse's mouth.

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