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AQA BCS Unit New Controlled Assessment 2014

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by harry05, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. What were they thinking?

    This is the CA that we have to run with all our Year 10s before the summer as next year we have to run Unit 8 Theory and prepare them for the Unit 9 Practical Exam.

    Create a Database

    Create a web page

    Create a record card

    Create an A4 folded double-sided leaflet


    All of that in 4 hours after the research? I will struggle to teach them the basics of Access and webdesign now until Easter.
  2. What are you thinking? I won't ask what you've been doing with Year 10 so far in a 2 year course.....
    I think the general idea is that you teach the topics on the syllabus, such as database, mail merge, web design and general design principles before your students take the controlled assessment (CA).....not teach them these topics in 4 hours and expect them to be able to get on with it. They may design the documents and have notes with them in the final part of the CA to help them. The tasks are simple, as suited to 16 year olds. I would suggest you contact AQA who can give you some guidance as to how to conduct the CA properly for your students.
    Is there any reason you can't teach the course content first and then undertake the assessments at the end. My Year 11 students are completing the CA next week - having finished the course. This will leave them plenty of time for exam practice before May and June.
    Personally, I welcome the challenge of the database for the students - although another webpage is disappointing....
  3. Hi 2Stepsforward

    Maybe I didn't make the points clearly.

    1) The point is that Year 11s are going to be too busy next year as both the Unit 8 and 9 have be taken at the end of that year, therefore you can't do the CA in Year 11 anymore.

    2) I prepared them for a variety of possible activities already. The issue that I raised was that under the CA guidelines they only supposed to work on the tasks for a suggested 4 hours after the research of approx 8 hours. Even with notes taken into the room it will take a big effort to complete all four tasks and completely annotate them for an A/A* standard.

    3) I only have 65 mins per week to teach BCS; therefore not a lot of teaching time left until summer.
  4. I also feel it is a lot of work and not as clear as previous years.

    The webpage appears to be a homepage about their exhibition which would be put onto a museum webpage. However... does this mean that the webpage is for the museum and not for the exhibition?!

    Also does anybody have an annotation help booklet to give to students?

  5. We make sure the syllabus is covered in Year 10 & 11 and completed by Christmas. We conduct our CA straight after Christmas with the final session before half-term. This gives time to recap any skills they might need for the CA tasks before they start the research and is good practice for Paper 9.

    Collect good and bad examples of documents and get the kids to discuss them and identify what works well and what doesn?t. Which features are similar and which are different? Why might that be? Throughout the course when teaching software we prepare the kids by getting them to annotate both their work and others? work with suggestions for improvements and an explanation of how and why the improvements would be of benefit. It takes practice, but is of benefit for CA and Paper 9.

    My advice to them is always ?keep it simple?. They come unstuck when they try to overcomplicate things. To use a Bake-Off metaphor, the preparation should be the sourcing of ingredients and the final session baking the cake and writing up how it was baked.

    Setting up the database and mail merging it should take no more than 10 minutes if the students are prepared.

    The web page is exactly that ? a page concerning the exhibition which forms part of the museum?s main website, much like www.britishmuseum.org/.../vikings.aspx forms part of http://www.britishmuseum.org/ .

    I am very firm in that the kids get 2 hours to make and 2 hours to annotate, otherwise they would mess around with irrelevant details and miss out on the annotation marks.

    I give them a booklet which explains the tasks, gives them space to record their own research and has a clear list of what they need to print and hand in on the day. I don?t include annotation help in that as the work MUST be theirs and they would just copy it.

    However, there is a page which asks them to consider purpose, house style features, design (from the mark scheme). They should be thinking about their own design decisions!

    In terms of annotation, they do not need to waste time annotating the same reasons as to why the same features appear on more than one document. One detailed comment on house style is enough. They don?t need to write a huge amount in order to access the top mark band.

    You will have a CA advisor assigned to your school so get in touch with them and see what help they can give you.

    Good luck!
  6. What software are you using for the website? We had frontpage for ages, which was removed from the network this year. Was planning on not going over Dreamweaver CS6 with them!
  7. As it's a webpage and not a website, they'll have around 20 minutes to produce it and it has to se sent off as a paper document the students can choose from Word or Publisher. It's disappointing but it's really more of a suggested layout AQA want as opposed to a working webpage.

    If you do want to use a "proper" application, use Expression Web from MS. It's free so the kids can also use it at home.
  8. Thank you for your advice. I really appreciate it.
  9. "The two-sided, folded A4 leaflet to be sent to teachers in primary schools, to publicise the new exhibition." The leaflet should include a ?tear-off? enquiry form that teachers could return to register their interest.

    Can someone give me a few pointers in regards to their leaflets?

    what content are you advising your students to include? Has anyone got a completed example you could share?

  10. Persuasive information aimed at a primary teachers - How will you persuade them to bring their pupils to the exhibition? What information might they need to know? What information might they want to know?

    A theme for the leaflet that fits coherently with the other documents, using a suitable colour scheme, font type and style.

    Don't have a completed example, but grab any leaflets and get your students to look at common features, identify purpose, comment on effectiveness etc.

    You will also have been assigned a coursework advisor - they'll help you with any other questions you might have.

    Good luck!
  11. Thanks for your response :)
  12. From experience. Firstly I would teach practical Unit 10, Theory in Year 11. I had no issues doing the controlled assessment in Year 11, I actually found it helped refresh their practical knowledge in time for the examination. The coursework itself is reasonably easy, one webpage, one leaflet, card and database. Three can be done in publisher with relative ease, and a database can be set up very easily. Do not forget, it is paper submitted, so providing mail merges etc only need to be inferred (even so only for the higher candidates). It is more important to have consistency in documents and clarity of message.
  13. I am glad I have found this thread! long time Business Studies Teacher, new job and first time doing BACS Controlled Assessment . . . I have picked up my group in Y11 and so am brushing up on their practical skills prior to starting CA . . Most of it looks ok but can I ask a couple of questions (I have seen the FAQs in AQA secure area)

    1 Are colleagues just getting kids to use existing museum logos and house styles or getting them to change colour schemes so they are not exactly the same or is that completely unnecessary?

    2 The Database setting up and structure looks fine but I seem to have too many options for the A6 record cards, how are colleagues advising students to tackle these? I have seen forms, mail merge and using Publisher suggested . . Any recommendations please?

    3 The leaflet and web page looks fine . .

    4 Do you get kids to design their own sources table?

    Thanks and any further tips gratefully received

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