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AQA AS, Unit 2 - Help - Stan set

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by Bridezilla12, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. Afternoon,
    I am new to teaching the AQA AS and have encountered a problem.
    One of my groups of students are performing an extract from 'The Crucible' for their unit 2. The Elizabeth and Proctor sections. They are looking at it from a Stanislavski point of view.
    Could anyone please advise me what it should include set wise to fill the criteria. In a perfect place the group would have a fire, steps, door, sink etc etc. The group believe they need to include a sink in their piece as Elizabeth is washing dishes - is there anyway we could work around this?

    Many thanks for any help, :)

  2. No plumbing in those days. It would be a large bowl filled with water
  3. Retro Bates

    Retro Bates New commenter

    The students are doing a performance option and not a design option. Therefore, it is not essential to have a realistic set, of course, it would look good, but it is not essential. Of course, chairs, if used should be wooden and not plastic school chairs etc. They will be assessed on their ability to present their work from a performance perspective. A period costume would help them.

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