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AQA AS Textiles

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by dollybloggs, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. Just planning my new AS Art & Design Textiles, I've come from D&T Textiles as I know a few of you have! I am starting Y12's off with exploration of techniques, fabric manipulation etc (as I did with D&T) although I am unsure how specific to be with the theme? Would it be a good idea to use themes from the specimen external set assignments? I love the idea of 'Fragmented surfaces' or 'Reflective and Translucent'. Am I being to 'teacher-led' on these themes? I will include and artist or art movement as starting point too. Any thoughts welcome, many thanks.
  2. I think those themes would work well and not too 'teacher-led' at all. Keep the theme open allowing you to teach techniques at the beginning, but give the students the freedom later on to take the project in their own direction and introduce their own artists. I have used the theme of 'Decay' for the past two years and that has worked well for me.
    Best of luck!

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