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AQA AS Textiles - written exam results disappointing! - mark scheme anyone?

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by dollybloggs, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. Anybody else get disappointing results from AS written exam? I had some A's in coursework and one got a U for exam!! the best in exam was a B but got a few U's and E's! Disappointed as I thought it wasn't a bad paper - although students thought it was hard (obviously was for them!) In the process of sorting re-marks and resits but I really want to find out what went wrong. Does anyone have a mark scheme for this paper? it's not published on the aqa site yet but I wouldn't have thought it would be confidential or anything by now? anyone help?
  2. Hi, I am in exactly the same boat as you! Really gobsmacked when I saw the exam results for my AS group. The same as you, the coursework was fine ranging from A's to C's, the exam results terrible - mostly D's, E's and a couple of U's. The students were also really surprised as none of them thought the exam was particularly difficult. One student actually requested his own paper from the exam board on results day and we've had this through now. Looking through it, I think it has been marked very harshly. I remarked it and gave him an additional 14 marks (taking him up two grades). Anyway, have now requested all the papers from the board and will be looking at getting them all remarked. It's been a very stressful start to the new school year as never had these sorts of problems before and have been teaching A Level for 8 years now! So, sorry, can't help much, can only sympathise! Will keep you posted with any developments!
  3. Thanks so much for your reply, nice to know I'm not the only one! I don't know whether to get all the papers back or have some of them remarked or what. It's an expensive business too. I'm going to see all the students tomorrow, seems unfair to only remark some of them. Just looked at AQA site again - apparently we can get the mark scheme from e-AQA so I'll definately be doing that. Also - how do you teach the theory side? I too have been teaching A level for 9 years, don't really know how I've managed without a decent course book! Definately going to set aside more 'theory' time from now - especially having just deciphered the whole A2 spec content - SO scary!!
  4. I have exactly the same situation and requested 5 papers to be returned and yes I did think they were harshly marked, particularly the last few questions. However I did note a discrepency on some of the 2 mark questions where 2 students had given the same answer and got 1 and 2 marks respectively. I too have never encountered this situation but have just swopped from Edexcel to AQA. Will check scheme on e-aqa and think about a remark.
  5. Hi
    Not really related to your exam results but really scary to read as i have just started with my AS group this term. Its all quite new to me and I would appreciate any help with suggestions of coursework briefs and resources used by yourself.
  6. thought it was just us!
    This is the 9th year Ive taught the A level and I've never had such a large discrepancy between the coursework marks and the exam results. Like most of you, we thought the paper was pretty decent compared to some of the 'old' PD1T papers. Taught last year as we usually do and if anything we slotted in more theory lasy year so there's no reason for the fall in exam performance, especially as these girls got good GCSE result and are all keen and eager!
    We're going to have a lot resitting In January which means time out of A2 coursework to prepare them.
    Have requested some of the scripts so that we can see what the board are looking for...as for markschemes, think it's usually November by the time I see those.
  7. Oh no I've just started this to, not even sure how to tackle the course work as our school does edexcel product design I was going to go with them but can find the course for textiles spent ages looking now I'm not sure what to do HELP....
  8. Hi all, thanks for replies and support. just printing off examiners report and mark scheme from e-AQA. Will be devouring that tonight with exam paper - will go through the whole paper with students on friday to see where they went wrong. I do feel under the firing line from them a bit tho - i'm sure they're under the impression that they've not done enough theory! tho I will firmly point to the the work we covered last year and how it applies to questions!
    Anyway...moving on! I have just set new year 12's there first coursework task - on Sustainability and fabric manipulation, based on the stuff done by companies like Junky Styling and Revamp. I will email anyone the outline if you give me your e-mail address. I have always taken the portfolio approach with y12 as i think they get bored with one long D and M project after another. but it is so easy to run out of time and not cover each assessment criteria, have dished out firm deadlines to 12's and 13's so we get through it! Last year we did a fabric manipulation wall-hanging to build skills then a D and M project on a fashion top influenced by a design movement/era/designer. Was ok, spent too long on first one then had to sqeeze in the second one but got mostly decent marks in the end. keep in touch!
  9. p.s to emmaok - Edexcel don't do Textiles anymore as far as I can remember. they might do an Art and Design Textiles but not D&T. - I wonder why!!!!???
  10. Yes, same here. A grade coursework and the same kids getting U in the exam. We sent for the papers as well, and completely agree about the last 2 questions. There was so much discrepancy as well. E.G comments underlined by computer indicating correct answers (I presume) which bore no indication to the marks recorded for the question.
    I've taught other A-level DT subjects and have never has this huge discrepancy before. We have requested a remark, but it seems judging by the comments on here that it is something bigger than a re-mark. Should AQA be informed of this thread. I intend to show it to my HoD tomorrow
  11. You can access the answer scheme through AQA's Enhanced Results Service
  12. Hi dollybloggs I have just been reading your situation and I have been in the same position as well.
    Just wondered if you could send me a copy of your outline for the yera 12 project it would be great
  13. I have just been on e-AQA, it's excellent! First you need to register, give your centre number etc, get approved on-line by your exams officer then you will be able to access each of your students results - for EACH QUESTION on the exam paper amazingly helpful! Have been feeding back to students what they got for each question as we go through the paper with mark scheme and report from examiners. - Gosh I feel like a real teacher!!
  14. We're complaining to AQA about it. I teach other dt A level subjects with other exam boards. This hasn't huge discrepency hasn't happened with them. This must mean AQA Textiles students are disadavantaged and not standardised with other exam boards. I think OCR do A level Textiles, if so we are seriously considering changing boards. I've been teaching A level for years, and have never known anything like this. As previous posters have said, I have a class of super keen clever girls who all got very excellent GCSE grades which haven't carried on to AS. Yet in the other A level subjects I teach, all the candidates performed as expected based on their GCSE results
  15. Im new to this course and would be gratefull for any advice, design briefs, course work guides, Sow ect I am doing the course for one student who is 20yrs old, she has done her Alevel Textile design and got an A =100% I have talked to her about this thread and explained the difficulties, I will only run it this year, as I love the Edexcel Textile design course its all course work and you can work out individual schemes with the students (very art based though so may not suit everyone.)
    Thanks in advance Emma
  16. We're in the same boat. There is a huge disparity between coursework and the exam results. I cannot understand that students who got A at GCSE should now be getting U in their AS exam. I have asked for remarks for 5 students, but quite a few have given up due to disappointing marks.
  17. Just in case anyone is still watching this thread......We requested a remark on Monday. Results came through today, and there is a significant change upwards in all the marks. Some had gone up 10 marks. This has made a significant difference to the overall grade for AS, and most of them are now where we expected them to be.
    Our examination officer commenetd that she had never had a remark completed so fast, so they must have know something was wrong.......
  18. wow, that's great news! I requested 2 remarks at the beginning of term, not heard yet tho. Our exams officer gave us a deadline of mon 21 to ask for remarks but if the first 2 come back significantly changed then surely we have a right to get the rest done? here's hoping!
  19. Would be interested to see your SOW. We did porfolio this year and it was a bit rushed to get everything in.

  20. Hi dollybloggs
    I am hoping to begin teaching A Level Textiles next year. Could you please send me a copy of your AS outline you mentioned. How does the portfolio differ from the D and M project approach?

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