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AQA AS Level The Struggle for Identity in Modern Literature option

Discussion in 'English' started by sam001, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. cheerysocks

    cheerysocks New commenter

    would be very grateful also if someone would kindly forward it to me.
  2. cheerysocks

    cheerysocks New commenter

    thank you- recieved it.
  3. Would you be so kind as to pass one on to me?

  4. I'd love to receive a copy thank you

    Margaret Garvey
  5. Hi Sam001 - I'd really appreciate a copy if you could send one to me? Thanks.
    I'm very relieved to hear I'm not the only one struggling with this. The students are very enthused about the texts we've chosen but it would be great to have more model and guidances to give them.
    Does anyone have any good examples of the transactional coursework on The Handmaid's Tale?
    Thanks in advance!
  6. I'm finding this course a real struggle - really need exemplars/ smaple answers.
    Just out of interest ... i did a lovely intro to identity (you know those ideas that come to you about 3 o clock in the morning ....?) After mind mapping the things we thought shaped identity we decided that the way we dress creates an impression of our identity ... so we had a change-your-identity lesson where students dressed up as their alter ego ... it was FAB!!! I'm a bit tomboyish so I went in wearing a pink dress - pink headband ... uber feminine ... It wasn't at all fancy dress - it was simply about changing our identity ... led to loads of discussion - and launched us into the Joseph Jones poem really well ...

  7. Hi Sam

    Could you possibly send me a copy too - really struggling and not finding anything elsewhere that can help! Appreciate it if so - realise you were overwhelmed with requests.
    My email is sarahjanespain@hotmail.co.uk

    thank you!

  8. Hi,
    Ive sent it to all of you; hope its some good.
  9. sam001, if I could have a copy too, that would be wonderful. I bet you regret ever offering now!

    My address: john.a.robinson@hotmail.com

  10. Robbo,
    Ha ha! yes I do- especially since this post was from last year and I keep having to search for the document! ive sent you it anyway, if its any use!

  11. Hi Sam,
    I'm a bit of a latecomer to this, but would you be kind enough to forward the document to me please.
    I'm a PGCE student and need all resources I can get my hands on to further my subject knowledge especially KS5
  12. Hello,

    Would it be possible to send a copy of the Nicola Onyett article to the address below please.

    I along with my students are struggling with this unit.

    Many thanks,

  13. Groatcat

    Groatcat New commenter

    If possible, could you forward me a copy of anything you receive - I too would welcome support on this unit as I prepare my students for their exam on 16th May.
    Many thanks
  14. su5an

    su5an New commenter

    Sorry to echo the others but does anyone have a copy of the Nicola Onyett article "Teller of tall tales" - thank you!

    if it could be emailed to k.jones@stwilfrids.com that would be fab!

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