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AQA AS Level - Choral Music from the Baroque Period

Discussion in 'Music' started by edhoulston, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Thought I would post a topic to see if any teachers would like to share some ideas/resources on Choral Music from the Baroque Period.

    So far this academic year I have a covered the following and am looking to cover more.

    1.Choruses by Handel, Vivaldi, Charpentier

    2. Recitative - Ich Elender Mensch (Bach) No. 19 (Handel's Messiah)

    3. Arias - He Wad Despised, The Trumpet Shalt Sound, Mein Freund Ist mein (Bach -St John Passion)

    What other works are teachers exploring and how you finding engaging the pupils in the content?


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