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AQA AS Health and Social Care (single award) - planning

Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by gemmy, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. Hi,
    Wondered if anyone would be able to help? We are currently planning to offer the single award A Level in Health and Social Care, using AQA exam board.
    I was hoping that someone may be able to advise us as to which unit they do first and roughly what time allocation for each unit. We have been looking at spending less time on unit 3 which is the exam. Could anyone point me in the direction of schemes of work or resources too?!
    Any help, advice would be gratefully recieved.
    Thanks in anticipation
  2. For AQA, Unit 1 is the exam. Unit 3 is Health, Illness and Disease, which is coursework.

    Planning wise, I did it as I went along this year to be honest.
  3. Whoops getting confused...unit 3 is the GCSE exam!!!
    Would you start with unit 1 (exam), then 2, then 3. Thought unit 2 looked hardest and probably the least interesting!! What resources have you used? Are there any out there? Was this your first year through?
  4. We teach AS between two teachers. Teacher 1 covers the exam work in three lessons until January, when they sit it. Teacher 2 does unit 2 presentation unit until just after the exam in January. Then both teachers concentrate on unit 3 from January to May.

    It seems to work well and then gives some time for revision before the exam in the summer if any kids need to resit.

    If you are delivering it with one teacher it could work in a similar way if you split the week up?

    Hope that helps
  5. Cheers Psychowoman, we had thought about entering the kids for a Jan exam, but were not sure. Think there will prob be two of us teaching it, but again not sure until timetables get sorted.
    Does unit 3 take slightly longer then? We will have 5 lessons a week so to concentrate on this from jan would mean more hours spent than on unit 2?!
    Cheers for your help.
  6. I'm an NQT, so first year for me as person in charge of HSC.

    Resources wise, there are 2 main textbooks. I think the Richard Smithson one is probably the preferred one for most teachers (I inherited the other). I then made my own resources based on that. For every coursework unit I make a detailed booklet for the students, telling them what to do in each section. I then break it down into tasks. Seems to work well with the weaker students and you don't get 'Miss, I'm stuck...' every two seconds.

    To be honest, Unit 3 is the bane of my life. Students tend to copy and paste info from the Internet and are rubbish at analysing questionnaires (some of mine are very, very weak though). In the coursework, make sure they reference the books/sites they use properly (I put info on that into my guide thing).

    Teacher wise, we made it up as we went along this year. 3 teachers with 8 lessons per week between us and 6 units (I had 4 lessons a week, the others had 2 each), which didn't very well. I did Unit 1 before Xmas, so they could sit Jan exams. I was given advice from an experienced HSC teacher to do as many examined units as possible, so that the coursework marking didn't drive me loopy!

    Sorry, I'm not amazingly coherent tonight (tired!), but just sharing my experience (or lack of...)
  7. I very pleased not to be teaching this course again having switched to BTEC National! However I do agree that the exam units take less time. They are also easier to split between 2 teachers. Unit 2&3 need to be completed marked, chased up, remarked, chased up again, written home about.....and sent off for May so I would plan to finish those first before starting the exam unit to make the most of the time you have. You can start it in class time only using homework time to finish coursework.
  8. nelreyn

    nelreyn New commenter

    I recently moved schools and now teach AQA after being OCR for years. I think we've done ok! It is totally different and the exams seem to be the way forward whereas with OCR I'd always advocated coursework.
    Anyway, I've got resources I've written, some I've borrowed from other people! lots of GCSE resources too which I adapt and add to (HSC and Child Development), Psychology resources as well are really useful for certain units. I'm happy to share if anyone is interested.
    We're doing the coursework units first this Sept as the school is no longer entering for Jan exams in yr 12, so it should be interesting! I teach with one other colleague and she will teach Unit 2 (which I think is the easiest AS unit) and I'll do Unit 3 followed by Unit 1.
    I moved from another county where we had a really good HSC network and I really miss it so if anyone out there is in Dorset and fancies setting up a face to face network to share resources etc. then let me know.
  9. Hi,
    Thanks for the reply any resources and advise you have to share would be very much appreciated. I am in the same position as you where as there is only me in the vacinity that is teaching HSC.

    My email is g.blair@qe2.sch.im.
  10. unit 3 - what a nightmare mark scheme!
    i am currently marking the questionnaire section of the coursework (figured give it a mark that i could keep to myself and not tell kids about until done all three sections.) i am really struggling as i think the mark scheme is so subjective, e.g. A03 points, what is the difference between 'limited' and 'some'. then it goes from a quantity measure to a quality measure - 'good information' then back to a quantity 'measure wide range of information'. rah.
    Also i have no idea what they mean by resources here, are they talking about texts and websites or do they mean people as resources? I am bewildered!

    Any one got any advice on this?
    I feel better now!

  11. Hi my school is looking to put in place gcse and as/a2 level health and social care. Was wondering if people could recommend which board to go with? Ive looked through the specs and most seem to have their own advantages and disadvantages. Is there one board above the rest ?

  12. Unit 3 is a nightmare full stop. Don't tell the kids a mark at all...even when the coursework is sent off, because the board are notorious for marking this unit down. I did it for 3 years and was still none the wiser about how to mark the blooming thing. Try and get to an AQA meeting if you can (although, that's not always that useful, for example when the Principal Examiners aren't sure of things...I kid you not).
    My advice to whoever asked about boards? Don't do AQA for A Level. Bitter? Me? Definitely...

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