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AQA AS Assessment as an official???

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by sparky4, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    Basically I have a student wanting to be assessed as an official for his AS moderation. He his very knowledgable and confident about officiating. However i was just wondering if anyone has advice on how to 'set up' the session in order to show him at his best whilst covering both the core skills in a practice situation and conditioned / game situation. The game is pretty striaght forward but how about the core skills in a practice situation relating to rules?? any advice appreciated!!
  2. We set up skill drils for a group of about 8 students and get the official to officiate those.
    First they do an isolation explanation. 2 students are asked to demonstrate whilst the official explains the violiation and penalty and demonstrates the call and hand signals.
    Then we set up a practice drill.
    We do basketball and one example is double dribble.
    2 lines of students drill 'getting round a man blocking the hoop".
    1 student stands in front of the hoop.
    The others take it in turns to dribble right handed up to him and left handed round him.
    We set up a saboteur who will catch the ball 2 handed as he changes hands.
    Official blows up and explains the violation and penalty, using hand signals and everything!

    Hopefully that'll do it!


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