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AQA AS & A2 - Which textbook is best?

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by ClaireC10, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. Hi All
    I wanted to start a discussion to establish which textbook everyone has used this year for AS and how you all felt about which was the best.
    I used the AQA endorsed AS Business Studies by Steve Foden, Diane Mansell & Peter Stimpson from Nelson Thornes. Although this is my first year teaching and I don't have anything to compare it with, I don't think I will use this book again next year with my AS classes. I found a number of errors throughout, some where typo errors but others were more substantial than that and as a new teacher I didn't always spot they were wrong up front. In the summary questions at the end of every few chapters there was on occassions questions on topics not yet covered. I personally didn't like the setting the scene scenarios at the start of each topic, I tended to use these further into the topic.

    I have copies of AQA Business Studies for AS by Ian Marcouse and AQA Business Studies for AS Third Edition by Malcolm Surridge and Andrew Gillespie both from Hodder Education.
    Having looked through both of these I am considering using the latter next year.
    What does everyone else think? Also what would anyone recommend for A2?
    Look forward to your responses.
  2. Hi I've used AS Business Studies - John Wolinski and Gwen Coates (Philip Allan updates). It's my first year too - but I quite like this and the revision guide. I've also dipped into Marcouse - it's good too - don't know about the other one I'm afraid - will look at responses with interest!
  3. Busimiss

    Busimiss New commenter

    HI C
    Feel the same about Foden, Mansell - appalling book. Lots of errors and really weak on content. We have used Surridge and Gillespie this year - very good with some excellent case studies. Considering same for A2 or may check out Wolinksi, Coates who are usually very thorough although focused on higher level students.

    Good Luck,,,

  4. hey all,
    we use the green Surridge book, and have found it to be a good resource for background reading and the chapter case studies for homework- just make sure to get the teacher guide with it, and your set! we intend to carry on with this book to A2.

  5. Seconding Wolinski for AS: a really good mapping of content onto the syllabus and the exam. And excellent exam advice in the preface. The teachers guide CD is very useful for answers to the solid case studies. Less useful are the teacher powerpoints: they mostly just bullet-point the main items from the textbook and use a tiny font - so you need to add active learning ideas, images and general zinginess. But they give you a good start. Haven't looked at the A2 books yet.
  6. Hello there

    This is my first second of teaching, and have established a formula which I find works well.

    I used a combination of Marcouse et al, and also Thompson, Merrills et al. My notes which I give to students are written from both of these two textbooks and I do use these two A2 editions for these two. I do however own a copy of Stimpson et al, as it is the 'endorsed' textbook, and the HOD who teaches Economics insisted that we purchase the AQA endorsed text for students - however he isn't to blame as it is endorsed by AQA, it should be of a considerably better standard.

    Personally, I do not believe in teaching directly from a textbook - I prefer to write notes on the board and have students copy it down and explain, thus I can be sure they have understood it. On completion of the chapter in the syllabus, they are expected to read the corresponding chapter in Stimpson et al as it provides for a good summary, but not ideal as a starting point or for introducing and explaining a topic.

    How is it going now? What books do you use now? Do you teach directly from a textbook?
  7. Hi
    Two years later and still surviving!. I have used a combination of textbooks for my own use/lesson planning. I only use them in class for case studies/scenarios and some of the exercises and then for students reading outside of the classroom. Seeing as our students have to buy their own textbook it is imperative that I use it in class otherwise they would certainly complain if it wasn't used as part of their classes. Free samples from the different publishers have come in really useful as a way of comparing books. Wolinski was a bit too high level in some areas for my students, so have used the Marcouse most recently. I support learning with slides, handouts and their own personal note taking on top of textbooks so hopefully capture everyones preferences. Hope this months exams have gone well for everyone.

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