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AQA Additional Applied Science Past papers

Discussion in 'Science' started by traine, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. Hello,
    Does anyone have a Higher and/or Foundation paper spare from the January 2010 exam that they would be will to post to me?
    Just looking for more Questions to use for revision with the May exam (sort of) approaching!
  2. I got an email from the board giving me access to the Jan 2010 papers a few days ago. If you sign up with them you could probably get them downloaded (and mark schemes)
  3. Browsed the site but can't find where to sign up? any chance you could hyperlink me or email me the papers and m-schemes please?
  4. Batsheep

    Batsheep New commenter

    If you talk to your exams officer he/she should be able to set you up with an account. It takes a couple of minutes and you will then be able to access all the most recent exam papers that they hide from the kids so you can use them for mocks.
  5. hallo
    i heard that you recive aqa additional science past papers
    can you please please send me the link for the Chemestry May 2010 higher paper
    i need it as soon as possible !
    thank you

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