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AQA A2 - Unit 4 - Life Death & Beyond

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by Kaliblue, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. Hi there,
    Is there anyone else out there doing this spec? We have recently moved to AQA from another exam board and are a little at a loss at the mo.
    We have loads of stuff on the rest of it that we would be willing to share - but any steer/ advice that you could give us would really be appreciated.
    This appears to be one of those 'free to teach' units that I am sure we will love once we get our heads round it but at the moment it's just scary! We have been given practically no guidance here and have found nothing/ loads on the web. I mean by this that I am sure that I am now signed up to some watch list after going through lots of mad stuff on the internet but have no idea what is relevant!
    We are also a little concerned that we have gotten a little philosophical rather than theological on this one - is that OK?
    Any help/ advice would be so much appreciated and reciprocated if at all possible!
  2. In the same boat ... and just as lost as you are. Any good AQA navigators?
  3. I fear that we are two lone voices - this is the first response I've ever had to several questions on this. Contact me if you want to share stuff - though it may well be the blind leading the blind :)
  4. Hi am also covering A2 AQA, but doing Sexual Ethics, Libertarianism & freewill...then Religious Experience for synoptic.

    Let me know your email and i can send you some stuff that i got from aqa office but am not allowed to puton restuff....basically the handouts from the inset meetings but may be helpful.

    would love to collaborate with others as exam technique and responses to AO1 and AO2 questions will be relevant to all of us.

  5. hi there
    We are doing this unit (AQA unit 4a Life, death and beyond) and now I am about to teach it and just looked at the spec and resources-nothing out there and not much help from AQA. Can't even source most of the books on the reading list - is this an ethics question as well as philosophy of religion...???? How did you get on?
    any words of advice much appreciated and needed...aaagghhh
  6. jerseyperson

    jerseyperson New commenter

    Hi there. I haven't taught this but my colleague did the last 2 years and we got some great results. I'll cobble together some of the stuff that we did. Also, I sat the exam this year and got an A*. I've ordered back some papers, including mine, and could always scan and e-mail these over to you if you're interested?
  7. Hi I am teaching this and feel that I am struggling as I am not as confident as with other parts of the course- I would be very grateful for any help you could give as I have found the exam board unwilling to be prescriptive. I am sure that I will love this once I get my head round it but the subject is so broad I am scared that I will lead my students off on a tangent and lose them vital marks - there is a lot of pressure to get A and A*
  8. Hi, i am currently teaching this. here is a list of everything i have/will be covering. i have just taken over from someone who had taught this from the past two years and always got good results
    1) nature and value of human life
    original sin- genesis 3
    humans as stewards - loving/ compassionate nature
    making the like that both genesis 1 and 3 shows human nature in different light
    look at the islamic creation story how does that see man (not sinful in nature)
    buddhism- our nature is to suffer
    looking at genesis and the order of creation and what this mean
    all religions on the sancity of life
    Humanism - no deity so therefore no orginional sin
    <u>Secular </u>
    science and death - decomposition of the body/definition of death
    philosophy definitions of death
    funerals - symbolism in funerals in all religions
    <u>Religious </u>
    Escatological and apocolypic text
    book of revelations - judgement day
    the quran - islam and judgement
    what all religions teaches about the soul
    <u>Secular </u>
    near death experiences
    reincarnation/past lifes
    religious and secular teaching on the purpose to life after death
    This is an outline of eveythig we teach

    Hope this helps

    STEFANIA New commenter

  10. Hi all,

    I have just taken over teaching this unit. I have never studied or taught this topic and now I have to teach it! I am scared to say the least. What resources are you all using to support your teaching of this topic?
  11. I too am starting this topic, but found very little to help teachers set the course up. ANY help here would be astoundingly welcome! I am starting the scheme of work this weekend and all I have are blanks! The eschatology section should be ok, but the rest is...argh!

    My main worry is knowing how to pitch it.

    Any help would be lovely.
  12. Hi everyone,

    I know this may come across as really cheeky but I feel I've been left with very little choice. I am a GCSE RS specialist but been requested to set up an A level course- luckily this wont begin until next September. However, I have no idea where to begin as I know very little about the AQA syllabus. I have identified AQA as being the more suitable butany help would be more that greatfully received- and I really do mean ANY!

    Thanks in advance
  13. gemzied

    gemzied New commenter


    Just stumbled across this post and am in the same boat. Any more tips, suggestions or resources that I could use?

    I am happy to share anything that I have that could be handy to you?

    Thanks in advance
  14. I am supposed to be teaching this in.September and have no idea where to begin, help and advice would also be appreciated,
  15. Same again here! Has anyone managed to accumulate some resources? I had to take this over at Christmas and am starting teaching the Life, death and beyond unit after Easter - a lot later than I would have liked but circumstances were out of my hands - I have a small bank of lessons to go from but it would be really useful to swap/share to make sure I'm on the right track with this.
  16. gemzied

    gemzied New commenter


    Has anyone got anything on rst3a at all can help with what Ive got for unit 4 if you need :)
  17. hfreer

    hfreer New commenter

    Hello Gemzied, I am looking for some Unit 4a Life and death resources, especially background reading for a colleague who has had to take over this course. Is this the unit 4 topic that you taught and if so would you mind my colleague contacting you?. Many thanks .
  18. gemzied

    gemzied New commenter

    Hello, would you be able to help me out with unit 3 at all please? :)

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