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AQA A2 Sociology: SCLY3 Mass Media

Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by 1983peace, May 15, 2011.

  1. Afternoon all
    I'm about to start writing a scheme of work for A2 media after deciding to mix things up a bit and have a year off from Beliefs. Can anyone let me know their experiences of delivering this unit and which topics students love/grasp well or any that they really struggle with. Just trying to get a head start

    Much obliged[​IMG]
  2. Second year in for me and loving it!
    Students like the representation bit, although you have to make sure that they keep it sociological and don't just start waffling on about random TV programmes in your lesson! Having said that, mine are really good at finding examples of representations for me...
    Audiences is OK - I got mine to make shoe box models of the active audience models - worked really well.
    Presentation of news - mine really enjoyed this too - we made a news programme and then identified news values used. Made them really think about the process editors go through.
    Mass culture is a bit dull (doing that next week)
    Ownership and control is OK
    New Media is interesting - they enjoy talking about Facebook (!)
    So, overall, really glad I went with the change.

  3. ASP



    I am teaching mass media for the first time and would love some sample answers. Would you be able to email me some?


    Many thanks
  4. Hi,

    I'm an NQT currently planning a SoW and resources for this unit. Has anybody got any tips/advice. Currently starting from nothing and feeling very overwhelmed. Thanks!
  5. 872312

    872312 New commenter

    Can I just ask how you got the students to do the shoe box models of the active audience - sorry but is my first year of teaching this. Thanks in advance. Debbie

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