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AQA A2 representation- teenagers

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by richardwilliams, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. montyjacs

    montyjacs New commenter

    Hi Jonny - would really appreciate your powerpoint if you don't mind!
    Was thinking of using Bullet Boy for representation of youth, it's due out on DVD soon I think. Anybody any thoughts?
    Thanks Jonny!
  2. Hello, could I have it too please? Many thanks, let me know if I can return the favour.
  3. Sorry Jonny - been offline for a while and only just seen your message. Drat the Hertfordshire Grid. OK - here's my home e-mail:


    Thanks for your patience - and work!
  4. Hope you are still reading this forum-I too would be enormously grateful for these two presenattions,

  5. hello there,

    i would be eternally grateful if you could possibly add me to your long list of presentation requests - it sounds super.

    many thanks:

  6. Ok - so I'm fourteenth in line I think but I'll grovel anyway - jonnyx or anyone who got that famous powerpoint if you can email it to me I will be eternally grateful - thanks - imogen_davies@hotmail.com
  7. Sorry to be cheeky is there any chance that i can have a copy of the resources.

    Also does anyone have copies of schemes of work for AQA AS/A2 Media Studies

    I don't if everyone else agrees with me but I feel that it would be a great idea to set up a virtual community group for teachers using the AQA syllabus to swap ideas, resources, lesson plans and schemes of works. The OCR runs a similiar scheme. Does everyone agree?

    Just an idea.
  8. may i too have the power point on representation please
  9. jonnyx, what a popular posting, so much so that I am going to have to throw in my request too. The powerpoint does sound v.interesting. Will happily share any stuff that's of use in future. Hope it's not becoming too much of a burden.

    PS I am using the WJEC syllabus is there anyone out there doing similar?
  10. sorry to be realllly cheeky but could i have the powerpoint as well??i would be eternally grateful as i am an nqt!
    much love!!
  11. Hi Jonny
    Was wondering if could get a copy of this famous teenage representation powerpoint i will be forever in your debt!

    Thank you

    Im Kellybinks@hotmail.com
  12. Hello, newbie to this module and resourcing from scratch. If you have time please could you forward this to me, indebted,


  13. Also new to teaching Med 4, scrabbling around in the dark and resourcing from scratch. So Jonny, or anyone who has any resources on teaching youth/teenagers, I would be forever in your debt.

  14. Johnnyx, i know that i am part of a long list of people requesting this popular Powerpoint presentation on teenagers and representation...would you be happy in sharing it with me? i am due to teach my first class next week on that very subject and would appreciate any assistance... pepsimax50@hotmail.com

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