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AQA A2 music 2017. URGENT- mistake in exam question

Discussion in 'Music' started by cuboid1234, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. cuboid1234

    cuboid1234 New commenter

    Hi everyone
    Question 1 in this years exam refers to an extract which is ".... in the tonic key of D major". One of my candidates with perfect pitch spotted that the extract played was actually in D flat major. I think we can all guess what has happened here - they picked a recording (Corelli) which was on period instruments and at 'baroque pitch'. This candidate was effectively transposing (once she realised what was going on) and so was at a disadvantage. I took this up with AQA , and instead of 'fessing up I have just received the most shameless piece of wriggling I think I have ever seen. Here is the most egregious excerpt ....
    However, as is mainstream for Baroque music, these instruments are tuned to A=417Hz so to our modern ears, it could sound like D flat major.
    could sound like?!" It does sound in D flat! Their whole reply was so high handed and dismissive. They have cocked up, don't want to admit it and are trying to brazen it out.
    Can I urge anyone to query this with AQA. They have to be taught to check their excerpts more carefully. And to come clean when they make a mistake.
  2. flyingcircusfreak

    flyingcircusfreak New commenter

    Surely an A2 student should be aware of the concept of Baroque pitch? It's not a mistake, it's modern performance practice.
  3. musicteacher2007

    musicteacher2007 New commenter

    Agreed - would fully expect that a recording of a baroque piece might be at baroque pitch. No issue here.

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