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AQA A2 Media Studies MEST3 New Topic: Identity & the Media

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by Sealhawk, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. Sealhawk

    Sealhawk New commenter

    Hi all,

    I am in the process of creating my SoW for the new AQA MEST3 topic 'Identity and the Media'. This looks like a really interesting area and my personal feeling is that the students I teach will engage better with this than the old Representations in the Media topic (though there are clear crossovers).

    I was wondering if anyone else on here is also currently working on this new topic and wanted to do some resource sharing to support each other? I have a few resources I would be happy to contribute straight away.

    With my school I have registered for the AQA session about this new topic but was unable to attend the first dates for this due to oversubscription.
  2. emilylime

    emilylime New commenter

    I would like to share and be involved. Will see what I have already got ready and can arange share on google drive?
  3. Sealhawk

    Sealhawk New commenter

    Excellent news, thanks! I will send you a direct message with my Gmail address in, I believe you would need that to add me to a google drive?
  4. Hi TimSealy and emilylime.

    This is my first year teaching and have little or no help on the AQA website in regards to the new topic.

    Any help resource or idea wise would be greatly appreciated!

  5. Sealhawk

    Sealhawk New commenter

    Hi alismith9, if you direct message me with a contact e-mail then I'd be happy to start some sort of resource sharing correspondence on this. I've been building up a little resource bank of articles and whatnot that could provide at least some assistance!
  6. kim_stockwell

    kim_stockwell New commenter

    I am attending the AQA course on the 12th December for MEST 3, will be happy to share all resources that I get.
  7. emilylime

    emilylime New commenter

    Hi all,

    I took my Yr12s and 13s to a taster session at Wolverhampton Uni And one of the topics was identity in the media. The lecturer started by giving students a list of jobs - eg teacher, lawyer, nurse, doctor, pilot and asked them to decide whether these jobs were male or female and then used their responses as the start of gender construction discussion. he then looked at sofa advertising and the use of men and women in these adverts and the difference in their roles-this was a really good starting point, women read magazines, talk on phones have their feet up- men work on computers, read newspapers and have their tie just loosened as they have come in from work. We have then followed this in class with each student picking a specific product or topic and looking at how gender is used in the adverts- one has chosen Lego, another coca cola, another cars etc. I have introduced them to a website called "deputy" which basically allows you to produce an interactive timeline really easily. it has allowed them to track changes in advertising and it is really interesting in that what they seem to have found is the construction of gender in products aimed at adults seems to be reducing, in products aimed at children, it is more pronounced. This has worked well for us and might be something you want to try??
  8. emilylime

    emilylime New commenter

    Te website mentioned above is called dippity, not deputy - auto correct!
  9. Sealhawk

    Sealhawk New commenter

    Sounds like an excellent starting point with gender, thanks! I had never really considered the ideas around sofa advertisements of all things, very interesting!
  10. amitj

    amitj New commenter

    Hi Tim,

    I am also researching this area and would be grateful for any resources you could share. I will return the favour soon as I have developed some of my own. I would be happy to share some new media resources now if required.

    I tried to direct message you, but the link didn't work for some reason?

    Anyway, hopefully you will pick this up.

    Thanks [​IMG]
  11. Hello,

    I know this is a late message to the thread, but I'm really struggling to get going with the planning for this unit and I can't make sense of the AQA information. I'm picking up Year 13 Media this academic year and haven't taught it before, (I'm also an English teacher) the old head of department has left and I'm not sure where to turn for guidance. I'm trying to plan a scheme to teach Section A of the exam MEST3 until Christmas. It just looks so vast and I'm not sure where to start, is the Identities in the Media topic still applicable in the 2016 examinations? If anyone could share anything to help with Section A in particular I would be so grateful and willing to share anything back that I create.

    Thanks :)
  12. Hi, I'm in a similar situation. I'm picking up a year of returning AS students who had a 'rough' time last year and I've been told they need 'picking up' by my new boss. I have taught media for a while but on the WJEC & can't seem to get my head around the AQA A2 year. I'm fine with the coursework module but MEST3 is boxing my brain & I'm starting to get stressed!! Brebre23 - I have made a start on a skeleton - student friendly sow - perhaps we could exchange ideas and help each other out?? - Or if anyone has a SOW for A2 I could maybe take a look at I'd be very very grateful!!

    Cheers :)
  13. themidlander

    themidlander New commenter

    Into Film have a whole archive of Film Resources related to identity. They have thematic focuses each term/year.
  14. joannelovesbooks

    joannelovesbooks New commenter

    I would also be very interested in sharing resources and ideas for this unit. I have taught KS5 media for a few years but this will be my first time teaching A2 with AQA. I'll definitely have a look at the Into Film resources in the meantime.

  15. Hi DLevers83 and Joanne, I've been trying to get my head around it more so and I'm starting to turn a corner, a little! I understand now the requirements of the exam and I'm trying to put together a scheme until Christmas for section A linked to the topics. It's just trying to fuse context, examples and theory into something cohesive that's a struggle, and also how much depth is needed. I'm working on putting things together today and I'd be more than happy to share what I have, though I'm not saying it will be perfect! I'm adapting a scheme from the media.edu site, that seems to have lots of good resources. I've also emailed AQA! Can we swap emails or swap resources on here?

    Thanks, Stacey :)
  16. Katieeferg

    Katieeferg New commenter

    I'm really struggling to get my head round teaching this as I've taught wjec media gcse before, but now I'm teaching AQA alevel and the spec is so confusing.

    If anyone could offer any help with the identities scheme that would be much appreciated.
  17. Sealhawk

    Sealhawk New commenter

    Hi all - I actually forgot I had created this thread and stumbled across it whilst googling around for more information on the topic.

    I muddled my way through the new Identity unit last year with mixed success - most of my students ended up doing the NDM question instead in the exam which probably says a lot! I am making a better go of it this year and I think my basic structure should work. This is now my 4th year of teaching A2 Media with AQA and I'm confident my structure for the whole course is good as I have students achieving As every year - it is just the new Identity unit that still proves challenging. A lack of tangible resources from AQA doesn't help...

    My basic A2 structure involves:
    - Feminism
    -Postcolonialism/Cultural Imperialism
    -Gender & Queer Theory

    All linked with media examples and analysis practice throughout. Students are writing their critical investigations during this time too.

    I then cover NDM first by looking at in relation to different areas of the media, including News, Music, Film/TV and then areas like social media.

    Identity is the last proper bit I do before we begin our revision period in the next few weeks. Again, I try to look at an example study together - the advice from the AQA course I attended involved breaking it down to consider Representations of the group, how the institution reinforces these representations and the impact NDM has on shaping the identity related to the group. I was also told that bringing in relevant Psychology theory and connecting it to media examples was a very viable way of responding to the exam questions.

    As previously stated, I'd be happy to share some of the stuff I've found or created so far for any of this - always looking for fellow Media teachers to collaborate with.
  18. backtoback

    backtoback New commenter

    I am completely lost with case studies - I have always taught coursework instead. I am lucky this year to only have 2 A2 students but somehow it makes lesson a little more tedious than normal.

    Has anyone ideas on how to actually 'teach' the case studies? Or do you just read through it with them and guide them??
  19. smartledore123

    smartledore123 New commenter

    Please check my message, thank you.
  20. Sealhawk

    Sealhawk New commenter

    Hi, my approach to the case studies is to go through an example one with them, modelling the process of putting together a case study with examples that we can work through together as a class. To prevent them just using this as their study I don't complete it fully but it's enough to get them started with how they may do their own study.

    For example, with Identities and the Media we are currently doing a study together on teenager identity so they know HOW to do it and then I will be giving them time to undertake their own study.

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