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AQA A-Level Sociology

Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by BenS1, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I was wondering if anybody taught A Level Sociology, 'Global Development' or 'Stratification and Differentiation' units at A2?
    Which textbooks do you use?
    Many thanks.

  2. Hi
    To be honest, i'd think carefully before doing State and Stratification rather than Crime and deviance. The latter really helps to promote the subject in school and is one unit that students really look forward to starting. Just a tip!

    Good luck all the same.


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    Thank you for your response/advise, the reason I am asking is just out of curiosity.
    I am looking to become a teacher and although I am aware very few centres
    complete the unit, I would just like to look at what is studied.
  4. Totally disagree with this- the class and strat unit is essential for a full understanding of sociology and students enjoy it if you are enthusiastic and taught properly. As a synoptic unit it is much better and my students have always done well. However, the resources for this unit are sparse as many textbook writers just include crime and deviance as this is what most people do- for example Keith Trobe's A2 textbook is good but does not have class and strat. A real shame I think as many people are resource driven and this stops them from teaching this unit. I like to use Haralambos as a foundation to create my own worksheets and resources.
  5. Some good points here, but since class and stratification are in many ways taught throughout the other units I have to disagree that this unit is essential. I'm not sure it's a matter of being resource-driven either, but rather Crime and Deviance is gripping hence its popularity with centres. I agree that issues of class and strat are really important, but i don't think it would appeal to 17 year olds in the way that crime and deviance would. All a matter of opinion and preference i suppose!

  6. C&D not that exciting?! Totally disagree here. I agree, units shouldn't be selected simply based on what students like, but it's a very important consideration in my view. I guess how you teach C&D also determines their enjoyment, and mine love it. I'm not sure class and strat is more relevant, especially with some sociologists claiming that class isn't even important anymore! I'm not one of them though. I think it is a very important issue.
    Don't think we're going to agree on this one, so i guess it's good that the exam board allow centres to make their own choice :)
  7. Ken Browne's sociology for A2 AQA has a chapter on Stratification and Differentiation. Although I have not taught this unit, I have had a quick read of the chapter and it is well written and in a language students will find accessible. There are also ideas for activities as well.

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