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AQA A-Level Results

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by Philippalong, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. So how is everyone else feeling about these this morning? I am, unfortunately, but somewhat predictably a little disappointed with the results coming through off the written paper to say the least.
  2. Same is here- I taught the Doll's House section and really not happy with my results. 'Tis my first year though so I suppose I should be more forgiving of myself but I still thought they should have done better...

  3. I shall be putting quite a few back in for remarks but really not hopeful that AQA will decide to change the marks :( I have some excellent students who have worked ridiculously hard all year, have amazing practical results and yet they are coming out with low overal grades because of their papers... Having compared the results to similar schools online on E-AQA and seeing that generally no one seems to be doing that well it makes me wonder if teachers are hearing different things than the markers and frankly I'm considering swapping to a different board!
    I hate the feeling that in someway we have let them down or taught them the wrong stuff when logically I know that really isn't the case!
  4. Alf58

    Alf58 Established commenter

    I have tried re marks in the past but I discovered nothing changed, maybe a mark or two but they were very careful not to enable any individual to increase their grade. Go ahead with your re marks but I suspect nothing will change.
    As for what we are teaching.....I have the AQA endorsed course books, I've been on AQA area standardisation meetings, AQA how to improve your grades courses, I've worked the *** off the kids with timed essays marked to the AQA criteria giving feedback the next lesson before going on to another and another. It does not matter what I do. One year they all do badly with Dolls House but do well with Production seen. The next year it is the other way round!
    I just think there are are forces at work beyond our control. As for changing boards: judging by the Edexcel teachers' remarks, they are not a lot better.
  5. Um...change boards - we did...Do have a look at WJEC - very clear and supportive and results seem to make much more sense.

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