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AQA A-level Psychology results back

Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by eastkaren, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. That is interesting as my son was also expected to achieve a c and received a u no one in his school received their predicted grades. Highest grade was a d. Apparently can retake in july- my son passed all his gcses last year so this has come as a huge shock.
  2. All AS exam units can be re-sat in May/June.
    The truth is, Psychology exam papers can be tricky - often students (especially those that sit January exams) often fall down because they dont understand the demands of the question. By that, I mean they misinterpret a word or give a lot of information about something irrelevant. The students thinks they have given a right answer, but they have missed the question entirely.
    Other factors include:
    the lack of key words or psychological language used in essays needed for top tier answers.
    Not revising enough - the exams are deliberately challenging and literally hours of revision is needed. Tuition is fantastic...but is that <u>all</u> students are doing? Some may think, 'ah well, thats an hour done...im working really hard'. The fact is, most students think a lot of revision is an houror so each night during the week before. That is not enough. Never allow children to revise using the internet. Tell them to print off what they need and confiscate it, or at least disable the internet or monitor them as they revise.
    Attendance: Psychology features a number of studies...if a student missed 2 or more lessons, they will fall behind.


    ZIMBOFAN New commenter

    I take it you mean PSYA1?? All marks were down on this module this time// many centres I have heard about.. I got some papers back and marked them myself... I can see a few have been undermarked, and would prob go up a grade... so have told students to tell their parents, and they can pay for a re mark if they want... I don;t see any risk they will go down a grade... but I don't want to waste my dept's budget on this endless remark fiasco!// Have to save the money for any probs with the year 13 results in JUne!!
  4. Hello, there was a similar range of results in my school..... Totally unexpected! I'm just about to pour over the answer papers that I've had returned.

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