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AQA A Level Product Design Project Ideas?

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by Brian Russell, May 24, 2008.

  1. Take the portfolio route rather than a single project for AS. Start by marking their GCSE projects against AS criteria (you can reuse them!) Use these as a safety net, look at the gaps and plan accordingly. Short projects on jewellery based on geometry/nature, "in the style of"...could be clock, mirror, photo frame etc. non-functioning product modelling - hairdyer, iron etc., lighting based on architecture, bathroom accessories in clear acrylic (using suckers from Hindleys). Go for quality rather complexity. Focus each project on different aspects - research, planning etc. Don't try to do complete mini GCSE projects it will bore them to death. Short deadlines. High level presentations to rest of group. Use Powerpoint and present as electronic portfolios or mount work as "interview portfolios" (can be A2).
  2. I'm gonna try trophies next year, should be loads of scope for quality projects, a huge choice of themes, lots of room for extension work (runners up medals etc) and (touch wood) not too big.
  3. At A/S I use 3 mini projects that collectively cover the requirements of the coursework. A vacuum formed or laser cut paint palette for infants school kids, a display unit and a low voltage lighting project that uses LED strips (check out Bright Components on eBay)

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