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AQA A Level Media Planning

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by veazeyuk, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. veazeyuk

    veazeyuk New commenter

    I'm planning for the new AQA Media Studies A-Level and wanted to get a feel for what other people are planning.
    What theories are you focusing on and how will these be you approach the media texts? And of course there's the coursework question as well!

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions and ideas offered!

  2. CandysDog

    CandysDog Established commenter

    I wouldn't plan at all yet, as there is no accredited specification.

    AQA submitted its third draft to Ofqual earlier this month. However, the specification on the website is the first draft (nine months old now). Who knows how much it's changed since then? Even if you do know, the final specification may not be the same.

    To add some context, OCR is currently preparing its fourth draft. The only accredited specification is from WJEC Eduqas.

    Nevertheless, I wouldn't even make a firm decision about the specification being followed until all three have been accredited.

    I'm hoping that everything will be sorted by the time the exams are over and I will firmly chose and plan then. I do have a definite preference, but don't want to set anything in stone until I have all the available information.
  3. veazeyuk

    veazeyuk New commenter

    Thanks for your reply and I can definitely see that any firm planning based on the context you have mentioned wouldn't be sensible at this point.
  4. harmar85

    harmar85 New commenter

    Although the AQA spec isn't accredited yet, the content is surely going to be roughly the same. They will still focus on the four Key Concepts (even if they are not outlined as such). Audience theory, media language and lessons on the industry will be a basic requirement of any media course. I think you're safe in exploring this.
    I've already put together four complete scheme of work on this and uploaded one lesson of each for free if you wanted to check them out.
    I think its the logistics that will change; as in how many exams and how much coursework.
  5. veazeyuk

    veazeyuk New commenter

    Yes that sounds really useful - thanks.

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