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AQA A Level History

Discussion in 'History' started by 1066andallthat, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. I will be teaching 1C The Tudors 1485-1603 and 2N Revolution and Dictatorship 1917-53 from September. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions where I might get suitable examples of sources for the first question in each unit?
  2. annajordan

    annajordan New commenter

    Either past papers, or textbooks with useful sources provided. Morris The Tudors has sources at the back, the seminar studies series of books often do to (which may apply to both units), David Hudson's The Early Tudors (and other books in this SHP series) have useful source extracts throughout.
  3. zbaker

    zbaker New commenter


    I have a similar question!

    After a terrible time trying to meet the 200 year rule have opted for 1E Russia in the Age of Enlightenment to find that the books are not due to be printed until March 2016!!!

    Have not taught any A Level for sometime now and never covered Russia, does anybody have suggestions of where I could get material on this from that is accessible for the students rather than biographies on Catherine the Great and Peter the Great?
  4. Thanks for that (sorry for the delay in responding). My only concern is having the 'right type' of sources as there is only 1 or 2 specimen papers at the moment and from previous experience of A Level change what appears on a specimen paper is always exactly what appears on the exam. I have emailed AQA about this but have heard nothing back yet. I guess everyone is in the same boat
  5. loulabelle888

    loulabelle888 New commenter

    Hi 1066, I am also teaching both of those units.
    I'm assuming you know that for unit 1 they will always be interpretations, e.g. extracts from historians and for unit 2 they will always be contemporary or primary sources. There are lots of examples in the textbook AQA have published for 1c and I am using the Corin and Fiehn textbook for Russia in the absence of the 2N textbook...

    My biggest concern is HOW they answer the questions with the sources. For unit 2, there is the issue of tone and provenance but the mark scheme says that the answers "could" refer to this. I'm confused if they NEED to... should I train them to focus on answering the context aspect really well or include tone and provenance AND context but it might not be as strong an answer...?

    Any thoughts??

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