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AQA A level French in one year

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by goldglitter, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. goldglitter

    goldglitter New commenter

    Morning all

    Appreciate any advice you can give me as I am new to this specification.
    I teach a student who wishes to do the AQA A level French in one year. She is bilingual so has little need for any language teaching, she is fluent although her translation and grammar needs work.
    I have 4 hours per week with her and she only made this decision last week so I need to redo my planning.
    We are studying Bonjour Tristesse and La Haine.
    Does anyone have any advice on how to best allocate this 4 hour teaching time so that I can fully prepare her for the IRP and speaking exam, as well as the Paper 2?
    Thank you in advance

    G x
  2. ChocolateChunk

    ChocolateChunk New commenter

    Being bilingual will help for the breadth of language that students are expected to produce to reach the top bands for all AOs.
    I would give her Exam material, perhaps the summer 2018 so that she can look at what is coming. The most important is to be familiar with the summary tasks for Listening, Reading, Writing. If she goes through the Examiner's Report and the Mark Scheme, it should clear out many things. Or you could do these, and debrief to her directly.

    If you have access to Kerboodle, there are various Stimulus Cards that you can use to create a Speaking Booklet. The three questions need to be answered in depth so that the student can, again, have access to the top bands for both AOs.
    You may be aware that the follow-up questions are to be created to the Teacher Examiner i.e you. You could give her examplars as well so that she can prepare for all topics - AS and A2.

    Now, when it comes to the actual division of hours, having a French Assistant would help with the speaking. Do you have one?
    You could have a Stimulus Card as a starter, then move on to a Theme for either the text or the film. As it would be a late start, you would have to prioritise skills and what the AQA Markers are looking for.
    For the text and the film, I would ensure that she has a great knowledge of both the content and has access to knowledge that would be useful in her Explanation.
    I have noticed that students take some time to understand what Paper 2 requires, both content and structure. Some students tend to regurgitate everything they know, which is naturally a recipe for disaster, so that is the main thing that she needs to avoid. She will have to prepare several essays on her own, without any notes at some point to get a real understanding of her strengths and areas for development.

    When it comes to the I.R.P, I meet with my students once a fortnight in lesson whilst their peers work on an essay. Your initial meeting for the I.R.P should be around 20 minutes so that she can understand what to do, how to do. There are many good resources on both the AQA and the e-AQA.
    It should not take more than 10 minutes after that if you meet her on a regular basis.

    I hope that helps.
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  3. veverett

    veverett Occasional commenter

    Be careful to read what help can/can't be given with the irp.
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  4. goldglitter

    goldglitter New commenter

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a detailed and thoughtful response, it is much appreciated.
    I have already focused on the summaries, which she seems to understand fairly well, and has more difficulty with the translation as her French spelling is not fantastic.
    We have just signed up to Kerboodle so I will definitely have a look and create a speaking booklet. No French assistant, I'm afraid. I have 4 separate lessons per week - one hour each - so perhaps one of these could become a speaking lesson.
    At the moment my priority is to finish teaching BT and move onto the film so that she can get cracking on some essay writing.
    I will also start her off on the IRP.
    Your help has been invaluable, many thanks!

  5. ChocolateChunk

    ChocolateChunk New commenter

    I can also give you this website https://www.1jour1actu.com/
    It is excellent as it gives news in short fashion and tackles many topics. It also have videos which would deal with current affairs and break it down. Whilst she may be great at listening, it still gives her an extra push if you feel like she is not ready yet to read Le Monde or Le Figaro. There is also 20 minutes which is, evidently, more to taken on than 1jour1actu: https://www.20minutes.fr/
    As for Listening, she can use TV5Monde: https://langue-francaise.tv5monde.c..._medium=metanav&utm_campaign=langue-francaise
    I will let you explore the latter. It has a plethora of activities which cover a great deal of vocabulary, and based on the student's level.

    Finally, I created a fair amount of resources for La Haine and I am happy to share some with you. You are more than welcome to contact me privately and ask for these. They are already sitting in my Drive, so I would rather help if I can.
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