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AQA A Level Drama and Theatre Studies - Texts

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by schnapple, May 23, 2017.

  1. schnapple

    schnapple New commenter

    I have just recently taken over as HOD in my school and g]haven't had any say up until now on set texts for Component 1 or extracts for component 3. I have come in and basically the students have only looked at Hedda Gabler and Brecht as a practitioner since September and that's it!!!
    I started by looking at other practitioners - Artaud, Boal, Berkoff and then some physical Theatre. I am now starting their devised piece - using Brecht as that is what they are comfortable with. But I am worried about timings when it comes to Component 3 and the second text for component 1.
    for one extract I am going to work on Choral work from Medea with them - focusing on physical theatre.

    any ideas for the other two pieces or what text I should do from list b??

    thank you x
  2. Lestat29

    Lestat29 New commenter

    Hi, I would advise Yerm for component one from set B as it is an easy text and it wont conflict with choices for your monologues (as i don't think you'll be doing another 20th century playwright). I was/am in the same boat my second years are doing there comp 3 exam on tuesday we have chosen lord of the flies with Boal and pitch fork disney with artuard.
    Be careful and submit your extract choices ASAP to your NEA as they can reject them depending if there of similar works or genres to your set texts.
    If your unsure about extracts contact your NEA with what you have done so far and they will be able to give you some advice, mine has been a life saver.

    Do you have any ideas or advice on how i can hep my students with their working notebook for component 2.

    hope his helps.

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