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Aqa A level creative writing help

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by rache11a, Jan 15, 2018.

  1. rache11a

    rache11a New commenter

    I’m teaching the AS and A level in one year and have very limited resources. Can anyone offer any advice? Exemplar material, resources, tips for good exam results? Sorry this is broad but my resources are very limited.
  2. Cat0115

    Cat0115 New commenter

    Hello. Zig Zag do a very useful series of packs. AQA hsvr some resources too. Look on face book as last year there were some groups. You need to cover all the possible writing forms for AS and work as much on the creative side as on the commentary. Coursework lessons need to be regular (with the students workshopping). Keep notes of your advice to students as this can be useful.if they grind to a halt with comentaries. Do lots of starters to.make them just write r.g story cubes, first lines,post cards. Good luck. It is such a great A level to teach snd do.
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  3. Cat0115

    Cat0115 New commenter

    Sorry about typos...Fat fingers!

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