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AQA 1G Challenge and Transformation: Britain, c1851-1964

Discussion in 'History' started by nat0107, Aug 20, 2015.

  1. nat0107

    nat0107 New commenter


    I was wondering if anyone else was teaching this unit for AS and A Level starting in September 2015?

    I am trying to write the SOW for it but am finding it increasingly difficult considering the accompanying text book is not available until September! (with the other not being available until April!)

    any help would be hugely appreciated


  2. Hi Natalie,

    I have just come across your post and was wondering if you had made any progress on the planning of this unit yet? I am using the sample SOW provided by AQA to guide lessons and tweaking some things here and there. Have mainly got the background stuff covered so far, it is taking some time. The absence of a text book is a major problem. The biggest issue for me is the interpretations question on the source paper. This seems very different to previous AQA exam papers and although there are two papers provided as samples on their website I have been wondering how to build in these interpretations, and skills to tackle them, throughout the course of teaching the unit. The sample SOW refers to academic interpretations as part of resourcing for the various content covered. I'm guessing it is on us to find these interpretations? Have you thought about that much yet?

    I'm a bit concerned no one else has responded to your post. Either we are the only people teaching this unit or everyone else seems to be having no problems with it.

    Hopefully we can bounce some ideas off each other.


  3. nat0107

    nat0107 New commenter

    Thanks for the reply. I have written the first 10 lessons and have purely concentrated on content rather than skills. The Oxford text is available from the end of September so I am hoping that that will provide some interpretations for us to use.

    I have since started my maternity leave so I have handed this over to my head of department for the time being but I am more than happy to share ideas and resources


    Ps I think we must be the only ones teaching it!
  4. Hi Natalie and Carl,

    I am also teaching this unit. The lack of textbook has been worrying, but I have been using Ailsa Fortune, the SHP Willis book and the Peaple and Lancaster textbooks which seem to cover most of the key content. There is a Stephen Lee book which has a lot of different historical interpretations in which is helpful. I have mocked up a couple of papers using this which I am happy to share.

    I have planned around 2/3s of my lessons, but I am guessing I'll need to adapt as I go. I think the sheer amount of content is daunting and I think I'm going to struggle fitting it all into the year.

    It would be great to share ideas and resources!

  5. nat0107

    nat0107 New commenter

  6. nat0107

    nat0107 New commenter

    Thank you for the reply.

    I am currently on maternity leave but I will point my HOD in your direction so you can share resources


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