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April is a write off,apparently.....

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by catmother, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    Coming up on BBC Scotland news: parents complaining about their children being barely at school during the month of April. Apart from the royal wedding,any other day off is part of a well established pattern. Kids always get two weeks of around this time of the year and the May Day is hardly new.Therefore,I find it hard to understand those parents's point of view.
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  2. God forbid a parent should actually have to look after their darling children...
  3. Exactly. The best quote of all came from that English woman who heads Parent Councils. Without a flicker of awareness of her own deep and delicious irony, she declared that having children home when they should be in school is "very disruptive of family life."
  4. Where do they dig these numpties up from, does the BBC keep a locked cupboard full of them for interview purposes? Do they not realise that the councils set the school holidays, the Vatican decides when Easter will be, Kate and Wills chose their own wedding date and the SG decided on 5th May for the election? Nothing to do with teachers!! Oh and there have been public holidays on May Day for years.
  5. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    According to some parents,it's obvious that all parties mentionned by Babette are conspiring against them,including Prince William!
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  6. Hi,
    In my LA, for some schools, the week of the May day holiday is a 2 day week for the kids, as Tues 3rd is an In-service day, & the school used as a polling station on Thurs 5th. Think the only reason the parents aren't shouting the odds is because a) it still remains a 4 day week for staff, therefore they can't blame teachers for the pupils being at home, and b) they're so bewildered by all these so-called 'extra' days off that they haven't actually realised that its a 2 day week!!! No doubt teachers will get some blame when realisation hits!
  7. chocolatecheesecake

    chocolatecheesecake New commenter

    Fed up listening to folk moaning about the holidays to be honest. Had it from my husband's aunt yesterday and my own father today. 'Oh you teachers are never in work, easy job you've got!' Honestly, if Easter had been in the Spring fortnight and Wills and Kate had decided on a summer wedding, the kids would only be in another 3 days! I for one am happy to be on holiday and have the time with my own children.
  8. Hear hear!
  9. amysdad

    amysdad Established commenter

    I asked about why this was at a committee meeting once when we know the dates of the Scottish, European and local elections (and now also the General Election) and could actually plan ahead for election days where we know schools will be closed, ensuring that in-service days were scheduled for then with a holiday on the Friday.
    General reaction was along the lines of "Oh - never thought of that..."
  10. ah alright for some, we aren't a polling station, and we're not getting the wedding day off. an I'm fed up of teacher bashing, wish I could work to rule, and not be in there at 7.30am in the morning, until 4pm in the afternoon, and then do another couple of hours on the evening. Sorry not the place for the rant but feeling apathetic and here was as good a place as any!

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