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apps for i pads

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by chantillycream, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. I have an i pad to use in class. i am in a special schol (mld) Any suggestions for useful apps please
  2. School Boy Error

    School Boy Error Occasional commenter

    Why get an iPad if you have no use for it in mind?
  3. I've only Just started running http://schoolapps.posterous.com so not much there but will get bett over time.

    I also have a lot of links at http://www.delicious.com/briansharland/iPad many for apps but also for other issues related to use in the class.
  4. Could I suggest dumping the hand-held games console (the IPad) and buying a laptop that actually does something.
  5. I didn't choose to have the ipad but as I have it i want to use it for something useful
  6. I have mine linked up to an AppleTV, which in turn is linked to a projector (cheaper to buy a VGA lead though).

    I use Keynote quite a lot during lessons as a PowerPoint replacement. There are also a million Whiteboard apps that you can use. PocketCloud has a good VNC mode that allows you to take control of a kids screen. Socrative and eClicker are good quizzing apps that the kids can interact with from their PCs. I keep all the student textbooks as PDFs and read them in iBooks. I also use FileBrowser to access students network folders to view and share their work. I also like using the built in camera to photograph kids work and display it on through the projector.

    Then there's all the productivity apps. All of iWorks is pretty good, and I recommend GoodReader, Evernote, Splashtop, ADHelpdesk (if you need to reset passwords), Wunderlist, DocScan Hd and Notability.

    Hope that's a little more helpful than the standard derogatory comments that always accompany questions about iPads.
  7. It's a great games machne and the best EBook reader.
    For anything else it's **** and out-perfromed by the cheapest netbook.
  8. I have to disagree. It's not the best eBook reader, as the Kindle is far superior. For casual gaming it's amazing but it's not what I would call a games machine, and I much prefer my XBox.
    For everything else it's fantastic. I have an iPad 2 and a MacBook Pro. Day to day I would say I use my iPad 80% of the time. I should note that I am not only the Head of ICT but also the Network Manager of the college, so I'm not just using it to answer emails and look at Facebook.
    When I hear people denigrating the iPad, I find it hard to believe that they've spent a significant amount of time using one. It all seems to hark back to the age old Mac vs PC argument that is filled with logical fallacies.
    I use the best tool to get the job done. When I want to create some 3D renders I use a PC, because I get more processing power for my buck. When I want to write up length lesson plans, create schemes of work or do some Photoshop work, then I use my Mac. When I want to quickly RDP onto a server, handle my todo lists, email a student or run a presentation in a lesson, I use my iPad.
  9. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    Have to disagree - no joystick and too heavy.
    As to the Apps we're looking at advising our students as to which apps are really useful and have a list at: http://www.shelleycollege.org/moodle-ms/mod/book/view.php?id=17&chapterid=114
    Not sure how useful for Special Needs though. There's a link on there for the Apple Education store.
  10. Mr Emsley
    Glad to see someone with a good answer for NotJ... Anyway, regards iPhones and iPads in school. I'm a teacher, lecturer and developer who would like some constructive criticism regards developing useful classroom apps. My speciality is Maths (secondary), and have developed a number downloadable from iTunes: can I suggest you download (free) mathstrainers and return feedback. I think there is a demand for classroom apps that allow pupils to interact across the room without any interference with the school network (suggesting bluetooth), and with the ability for Teachers to monitor, supervise and record what is going on from a supervisory app.
    If you think I'm going down a dead end, I'd like to hear about other routes that may be more useful.
  11. colpee

    colpee Star commenter

    I have one and have used it for a significant amount of time. It's great for personnal communications and family mobile entertainment and portable web access, but nothing special at all in any area.
  12. Hi.
    My website http://www.cyquiz.com is a browser based quiz system which supports the iPad (amongst other things).
    The quizzes run in Safari so you use them just be navigating to the web page.
    There are some ready made quizzes already there and I am writing more as time goes on - mostly aimed at about KS2 level - and you can create your own ; there's a Windows app for this - you can use sound, pictures and audio but sadly the sound doesn't work on the iPad because of the way Apple have made Safari work (it's a long story .....)
    Quizzes are, to a point, interchangeable automatically between the games that use them. The limitations are practical ones - i.e. if your answer is a picture you can't use that in Hangman .....
    And it's all free :)
    If you use it let me know how you get on.
  13. I think you are right (have you ever seen SumDog which is a similar flash over the net thing) ?
    If I had a criticism of your apps it is that you have perhaps designed them with the phone in mind. Whilst I can understand why you did this, the small screen size of the phone impacts on what you can do with the game/quiz/trainer.
    Your other problem is cross compatibility (not sure what you can do about this). If Google launch their cheap Tegra 3 Android tablet then that market could explode like the Android phone market is (the price point mentioned is $199 which will probably be £199). A cross development platform (if one exists) might help.


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