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Approval to teach in Scottish Catholic primary

Discussion in 'Scotland - Primary' started by Jane17371, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. Do I need the Catholic Teaching Cert to teach in Scottish Catholic primary? I am a practising Catholic and involved in my church. My child attends a RC school also. Due to compulsory transfers I need to move schools and Catholic ones are an option. I have worked in a non-denom school for 10 years. Do not have Catholic Teach Cert as I did postgrad at Moray House more than 15 years ago and this was never mentioned- also never occured to me. As worked non-dom it has never been an issue. I will get a good reference from my priest but I don't know if this is enough. I am trying to find out when the next intake to do the cert is because I will do it. Does anyone know if I would be considered/allowed to teach in primary while doing the Cert or do I have to have it beforehand? Will the fact that I am a practising Catholic be enough to get me approval for the moment? I don't have a lot of time-less than 2 weeks to submit my school choices. Any help much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hi Jane17371,

    Yes, you need approval from the Catholic Church to teach in a RC school in scotland. You can get this by filling out a character reference form and also getting you local parish priest to fill out a reference also. These forms are available on the Scottish Catholic Education Service website www.sces.uk.com/. There is also more information on this site about how you go about getting approval. I have just recently gained approval and it is not difficult.
    I hope this helps.
  3. Thanks. Could you shed light on my issue with the Teaching Certificate? I don't have it but will do it asap. My priest has said he will give me a great reference but is that enough to get me into primary and do certificate then? Also how long did your approval take? Thanks again.
  4. Hi jane,

    Just wondering did you start your catholic teaching cert. Iam just about to start it and finding it really difficult to get my head around it. Iam a primary school teacher and need to get it done before i can apply for a permanent post.
    Any advise you could offer would be greatly appreciated
    Thanks Donna
  5. The certificate isn't necessary...the school just wants confirmation that you are a moral person. Apply for approval.
  6. Sorry Donna just checked this thread again. I couldn't get onto the course at the last intake but will be starting it in November when the next intake begins. I am also primary and you definitely need it before you can teach in a permanent post. You'll be ahead of me with this but if you need someone to 'chat' to regarding this don't hesitate to contact me. More than willing to help you out if I can. Let me know your e-mail and I'll drop you a line.
  7. Hi there. To teach in a primary school the certificate is necessary before you can take up a post, unless you are almost finished it. You can work in an RC high school without it as long as you are not teaching RE. Just found all of this out.
  8. Hi, i'm just about finished my Catholic teaching certificate so if I can help in anyway then please let me know :)
  9. Thanks very much for your offer. I start in November but haven't had any information further than that. When I do I will be sure to take you up on it! Much appreciated.

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