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Appropriate punishment for theft/damage???

Discussion in 'Primary' started by 8jess8, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. My fountain pen went missing from my desk on Friday. On Monday, I asked my class if they had seen it, and told them to just leave it on my desk if they found it (anonymously), however, one child told me he had found it on the school bus and promised to bring it in the following day. Obviously he had taken it, but I was just grateful to be getting it back, so I thanked him, and decided that would be the end of it, as he had tried to make ammends.
    However, he returned the pen today, and the nib has been broken. He later came to see me and told me (after several more lies) that he did take it off my desk, used it at home and broke it.
    The pen cost £60 (a Christmas present) and to replace the nib it costs £26. I have told my Head I think the child's parents should pay for this, which he initially agreed to, but then balked at the cost and asked why I brought such an expensive pen to school.
    I'm not sure where I stand on this - should I expect the parents to pay?
    And what is the appropriate punishment for the child? The Head thinks detention is too strong as the child has owned up to it.
    I feel that stealing should be taken seriously, and the child has spent the rest of the day happily laughing with his friends, so doesn't seem too remorseful.
    I had a very good relationship with the child before this (thought I had anyway!), so feel that my professional judgement is being blurred by my personal reaction (VERY hurt!)
    Any advice please?

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