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ApproachingThreshold: In present climate is UPS worth it for me?

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by windup, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    I admit that I have never been the best at understanding payscales, conditions, pensions, tax bands etc.
    Like many of us, I kind of... do my job and get my pay, trusting it to be worked out fairly and to be protected by my Union. Hence my thinking is a little bit muddy.
    Could you share any advice, opinions on the merits of approaching pay Threshold to UPS please? (NB. I am on TLR so I get about £2.5K on top of M6; so I will probably reach £35K on UPS)
    I know you obviously get more pay, but my question is this ...
    In the current climate is it worth it to cross to UPS or should I delay?... with reference to the following complications:
    1. Pension debate ongoing, any ideas what this could mean? ... could I end up paying more?
    2. £35K tax band mooted by Govt earlier this year...... could I end up paying more?
    3. Will I be given extra responsibilities?, could I end up paying more....in workload?
    I feel I am working at Maximum capacity as it is. (being a one man dept) ..... .... I am also being`encouraged` to take on a GraduateTrainee for a year. With the prospect/incentive of " you are coming up to threshold" being dangled in front of me by my SMT line manager who is on a mission.
    You get the drift of my concerns, is it really worth it?
    I know the received wisdom is that it is a no brainer, ie. I get more money but I like to peek behind the curtain a bit. Can you help?.... Many thanks.

  2. DM

    DM New commenter

    Of course it is worth it. You will be paid more for doing the same job.
  3. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    agree with DM. would add: it sounds like you school may wish to exploit any situation so be wary of any atempts to push extra work or responsibility onto you, that is what TLRs are for. Get to know the criteria for UPS, all you have to do is continue to meet them to progress every 2 years.
  4. Thanks both,
    I have done a bit more research and to answer one of my own questions.
    DM you are correct. UPS is nothing to do with added responsibilities but an acknowledgement of your skills etc. (I will be wary of SMT pressure to take on more work)
    Apparently (from another TES thread) I will only be in the next tax bracket when I am on UPS 3 and at the top TLS level.
    I just have to tread carefully with my line manager who seems to have her own management agenda to get as many of us training new recruits as possible.
  5. I agree with the other pieces of advice, and would probably go for UPS if I were in your shoes. Just something to note though - 3 years ago when I was applying for jobs, I found it easy to get interviews (I was then M6 and TLR). This year I gave it a go, and I haven't had a whisper of an interview (am now UPS2 and TLR). It could be the climate, or my extra salary, or both, or maybe I just can't write a letter of application any more, who knows!

  6. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Why would that dissuade you from applying for UPS? You would pay less pension if you stayed on M1 but would get less take-home pay too.
    Pension is currently 6.4 % of salary so you'd pay 6.4% of the £2500 (divided into 12 equal deductions). Even paying the proposed 9.6% pension would mean more take-home pay.

    £35k is the taxable amount of your pay. You take your gross pay, deduct your TPS annual payments (free of tax), then deduct £7475 for your tax free allowance (your Tax Code as printed on your payslip) and the remainder is taxed.
    You currently earn around £34k, I presume, on M6 +TLR. Add £2500 for UPS1 and your gross is £36500. Deduct £2336 for TPS, leaving £34164 and then deduct the £7475 you can earn free of tax, leaving £26689 which is finally taxable.
    £26689 is below £35k so will remain well within the 20% tax rate.
    You can be on UPS3 and still not be earning enough to pay 40% Higher Rate tax!
    Of course it's worth applying to pass Threshold! It would mean more take-home pay now and more pension in retirement.

  7. Sweet. Thanks Jubilee, everyone [​IMG]
    Your advice has really clarified things, this is exactly what I required.
    Now let the battle of wits commence to avoid being railroaded by SMT ( who have the power to say yes or No to threshold) into taking on more comittments & responsibilities as the dangled carrot to pass threshold.
    The first carrot of is that I can "prove my `leadership` qualities". (in spite of the fact that I have successfully run my own dept for 4 years with occasional other teachers and a full time technician) .... proof of which is apparently provided by me taking on a Graduate Trainee for a year. P.
  8. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    You can be allocated a PGCE student, and presumably also a GTTP entrant, even if you don't pass through Threshold. They reduce your timetable, don't they, when directing you to undertake that role?
  9. DM

    DM New commenter

    We have never given a school mentor any additional mentoring time or financial reward. Some schools do one or both but the OP should not expect either.

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