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Approach schools myself, vs agency.

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by roseangel, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. There are several threads on here about this subject, some quite recent so would be worth trawling through.
    In general there is nothing at all to stop you doing it and you would be paid ore if you can get the work but that's the problem. In many areas agencies have the monopoly and it is very difficult to get any work directly yoursel. I have sent dozens of letters out, been into schools and not had a single day's work that way. My agency keeps me quite busy though.
  2. I was considering the same, although going in voluntarily at first might help show your skills and commitment. I was recently 'put off' joining an agency that was quite rude really. I did not like the attitude of the consultant, was too intrusive, they were late to the meeting arranged a week earlier.......the list goes on and this was for a quality mark agency beginning with 'C' and ending with 'n'. I am getting the feeling that supply and unemployed teachers face a perilous task in securing work and is made worse by agency's cavalier attitudes, because they have so many of us in the same sinking ship.

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