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Apprenticeship Standards - Level 3 Infrastructure Technician

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by adamhackney, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. adamhackney

    adamhackney New commenter

    So I've been asked to get content ready to deliver for the above apprenticeship, and quite frankly the resources and support from BCS (and City and Guilds) have been severely lacking.

    They have the specification, and some specimen exam papers, and that's about it!

    The specifications themselves are massive, and there is a whole lot of content to create...

    Is anyone currently teaching this who wouldn't mind sharing a few resources? Even a scheme of work would be a useful guide to see how others have paced it out.
  2. Adios68

    Adios68 New commenter

    We ran this for a year, changed from knowledge modules due to lack of help / support to MTA options for each unit.....still hard but much more material available. For its level it’s the hardest thing we have ever had to teach!
  3. adamhackney

    adamhackney New commenter

    We have access to MTA, but BCS are recommending not using them as they don't cover all of the assessment criteria, and those that it does, not necessarily to the right depth.

    Have your learners managed to get through the module exams and end point assessment OK after doing the MTA units?
  4. Adios68

    Adios68 New commenter

    Hi, the MTA’s are instead of the knowledge modules, you can sit at least 1 or all vendor quals and not the KM exams.

    We use Prodidgy Learning to buy an e-learning / exam package for the
    MTA’s to supplement teaching......can message you my contact if you want.

    We went through C&G and had 11 of 14 pass EPA first time.

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