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Apprentice Style School Project - Football

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by 6avin, May 10, 2017.

  1. 6avin

    6avin New commenter

    My school always finish the school year with a whole school project. This year it has been decided that the theme will be based around the TV shows The Apprentice and the Dragon's Den with a focus on entrepreneurial skills.
    Each class in the school has to come up with some form of product to market, pitch to school governors and sell to fellow pupils and parents.

    My idea is based around getting children outside and playing football. We want to sell packs that include items such as;
    Training cones x2
    Hacks Sacks (made by kids)
    Nutrition cards (including healthy snacks, foods to eat before and after sport)
    Exercises/Football drills (building speed, stamina, strength)

    (I AM OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS ABOUT WHAT ELSE WE SHOULD INCLUDE). Anything that can encourage kids to get outside and practise.

    The children will have to make a TV style advertisement to promote our company.
    Also on the actual day we will have to hold a work shops for parents. My idea for this is getting a local football club coach come in and explain some of the drills we use on the cards.

    Thank you for taking the time to read. I think this project is a terrific idea and there are so many different things the kids can do to help the company.
    However, I am writing this post because like I said these are all just IDEAS and I'm asking for any advice about anything you think would help our project.


    Thanks, G

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