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Appraisal targets

Discussion in 'Primary' started by EBC, Sep 15, 2019.

  1. EBC

    EBC Occasional commenter

    Happy Sunday everyone.

    I have to see my dep head for an appraisal this week. I'm not sure if this is in all schools but we have to set three targets, one is whole school, usually marking or marketing the school or assessment that kind of thing.

    Last year I set marking effectively blah blah which was fine. The other one was 'something to bring New to the school'. I chose last year that I'd try to invite other schools in to workshops or go on trips together as we are a small school.

    I tried, but it wasn't easy as of course schools have their timetables and plan topics different times of the year.

    What kind of things do you put on your appraisal as a target?

    Im history coordinator this year so thought of using that in some way.... What do you do?
  2. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    Choose something you'd do anyway, but is an 'extra' to your job description.
    What are you going to do as history coordinator? Make that your target.
  3. louise1202

    louise1202 New commenter

    You get to choose? Wow. I have been given about twenty huge things, such as to know that reading is being developed progressively in each year group and lessons produce high quality outcomes, evidenced in books, and can evidence that a deep dive from ofsted would result in outstanding findings.

    I have about ten points like this!

    I want yours. I am only main scale with no phase leader or other pay benefits.

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