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Appraisal after a period of long term sick...

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by notreallyme75, Aug 25, 2019.

  1. notreallyme75

    notreallyme75 Occasional commenter

    can one fail an appraisal cycle because of being off sick? Is this a question I need union advice on? I had a term and a half off last academic year...
    I had three targets, one of which was a data target. Because of being off I don’t think I’ll pass that one.
    The others I have evidence that I have passed even though I was not in school.
    As ever, advice greatly appreciated!
  2. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    You can meet a target even when you aren't in school for half the year? Wow, that's pretty impressive. Or the targets were the usual nonsense.

    You can be deemed not to have met a target, but that should have been flagged up at the interim meeting. However if you were trundling along doing well and then went off for the second half of the year, this should, of course, be taken in to account. You may not have met the target, but you do have good reason.

    Yes, get union advice before going to your appraisal meeting if you don't know if you have met the targets.

    And don't agree to data targets in the future.
  3. notreallyme75

    notreallyme75 Occasional commenter

    They we
    re the usual nonsense, obvs!! I think whether I have or not is a grey area. Nothing was flagged up at an interim meeting. I had had the majority of my time off when the interim meeting took place. I just think my appraisal leader may try and swing it a certain way that’s all. I think I need to be prepared. Thanks for replying.
  4. bigwig1

    bigwig1 New commenter

    Forgive me for being cynical but when I first started teaching each person was treated as a human being. Not a set of targets or a person to be pushed to be continually pushed to the limits of their strength and capability but a teacher with a common goal to get the best from their pupils and to enjoy their time in the classroom. Over the last few years I have met younger teachers who accept the appraisal cycle, though they really don't have any choice, and would never believe that at one time teachers had time, motivation and the energy to push their teaching forward themselves. The schools have been given a system to which can be used to pressurise teachers and, very importantly, to prevent them getting an annual rise at the end of the year. Get your unions advice and don't expect any thankyou are favours from the school. I never do.
  5. Marshall

    Marshall Star commenter

    Union advice is crucial.
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  6. catbefriender

    catbefriender Lead commenter

    Yep, I reiterate union tomorrow at the first opportunity. Remember the Disability Discrimination Act now the Equality Act states that one should not be disadvantaged as a result of one's disability. Whether your long term illness is regarded as a disability, will be for a judge to decide, should it come to that but it will be very helpful if the school can agree that your time off was due to a disability.

    It is likely that your being off work would be classed as a disability, again, the union's advice is crucial not some bloke's or blokette's advice on the internet.

    Hope the appraisal goes well and everything is settled soon.:)
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  7. nomad

    nomad Star commenter

    Schools should base any appraisal and pay determination on the evidence of performance to date in the current appraisal year, or in previous appraisal periods if there is very little to go on in the current year.
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  8. HolyMahogany

    HolyMahogany Occasional commenter

    On the general topic of appraisal, I had a colleague who one year not only achieved but exceeded their targets, e.g. all pupils achieved target grades and a large number exceeded target grades. We had been told that it would be possible for colleagues achieving excellent results to move 2 places up the pay scale.
    My colleague went to the HT only to be informed that they were not eligible for a 2 grade rise because they should have anticipated these higher results and negotiated a second set of targets at the beginning of the appraisal process in order to jump the extra grade.
    So much for being rewarded for ones hard work and success. On the plus side at least the HT was able to buy them self a new range rover that year.
  9. catbefriender

    catbefriender Lead commenter

  10. notreallyme75

    notreallyme75 Occasional commenter

    Thanks all for the advice... Will keep you posted!
    catbefriender likes this.
  11. notreallyme75

    notreallyme75 Occasional commenter

    Thank you all again so much for your help and reassurance.
    All was well, I have passed my appraisal. Was worried for nothing it seems.

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