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Applying for Z Visa with Infant

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Adrift43, May 8, 2019.

  1. Adrift43

    Adrift43 New commenter

    Hello all,

    At that late stage of applying for Z Visa's for myself and my wife and I've hit a road block/question again. (Several actually but I already posted those in the sticky'd thread) In this case I can not seem to find a clear answer in regards to my son. He's just under 2 years old and will be travelling with us. He has his own passport so I assume he needs his own application, but I can't figure out which visa to apply for. There is the family class but that's for children travelling with someone who already has Chinese Citizenship/Permanent Residence in China. I have him on my invitation letter as a accompanying minor and on my application I included him as well as accompanying child. Is that all I need to do or is there more?

    I know this is a fairly specific question, but if anyone has experience with this it'd be highly appreciated. The school hiring me has little to no experience with the UK process and therefore has been drawing blanks to most of my questions.

    Other Questions: How do I put in the flight number of my departing flight from China when I haven't booked one yet?
  2. amysdad

    amysdad Established commenter

    I'm quite surprised at your school's response as that is something which your school should know - the actual process of application for the Z visa as I understand it isn't really different between countries, what's different is how you legalise and notarise documents (which I assume you have already done.)

    I would check with visaforchina.org - maybe phone one of the offices or send an email? Sorry, can't help much more on this one!
  3. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Last year, when I needed a police clearance certificate from Shenzhen, I found the staff at our new Chinese Embassy here in Sofia to be very helpful and kind. It is, after all, a Chinese Embassy that will be giving you the Z visa, Adrift43, so they really ought to know about these things! I would want to hear it straight from the horse's mouth - or maybe the dragon's.
  4. spanboy

    spanboy Occasional commenter

    As @amysdad points out, the process for the visa is essentially the same as it is a CHINESE visa not a visa from your national country. It is the same application form which is just translated into the appropriate language(s). So it is a lille worrying that the Chinese school doesn't know this.

    Re: return flight details - I think I put something like 'tbc at a later date', or similar, and it was fine. I've heard of people actually booking a flight then cancelling it again, but it shouldn't be necessary.

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