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Applying for work in America- How do I do it??

Discussion in 'Primary' started by camillahulston, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. I am an NQT and have decided I would quite like to take my job overseas and work in North America. But, where do I begin?
    Do I have to have different qualifications?
    Would I have to get a VISA forst before interviews?
    And everything else! Please help.
  2. peppermint25

    peppermint25 New commenter

    I too am thinking of making the move in the next few years so would be grateful to hear your responses :)
  3. jwraft

    jwraft New commenter

    I remember finding some information out about this in my last year of uni. The company I spoke to said you have to teach at least 2 years in the UK first, not sure if this was specific to company or general for teaching in US. Good Luck!
  4. Hi Camillahultson,
    I worked in the states a few years ago, I went with a scheme called VIF (visiting international faculty). You have to have two years teaching experience but you can't specify where you'd like, I got placed in Atlanta. I stayed for a year but you can stay for up to three years and I think some people went on to get a green card and stay there for good. They arrange everything for you and support you with finding accommodation and a car once your there. Once I got in touch with them I had an interview at their office in london, then a telephone interview with the school and a days course in Manchester ( or a local city to you). I had an amazing year and made lots of friends (from UK) who I regularly see now. Google VIF if you're interested x
  5. Sorry about the lack of paragraphs and spelling/grammar errors, I'm on my phone!!
  6. I daydream about this kind of thing and sometimes idly search for the jobs. I have never seen one advertised that doesn't require several years of experience.
  7. I' ve just googled VIF and it seems that now English teachers only have to have 1 years teaching experience!
  8. Hi there,
    I have been accepted for this programme for September 2012 and it all seems really well organised so far.
    Has anyone else heard if they are accepted yet?
    Did you apply in the end?
    Any tips KateMc78?
  9. Hi KateMc78,
    I am currnently undergoing the application process for VIF Sept 2013. My 2nd interview is in December in London. I was wondering what your impressions were now that you're there. Is it all that you hoped? Where are you located? I was told that I'd most likely be placed in either Charlotte or Raleigh, NC. Appreciate any tips, thoughts .
    Professeur Lafayette
  10. skellig1182

    skellig1182 Established commenter

    Hi Prof,
    I was just wondering how the telephone interview went and how you found out you had a 2nd interview? I have my telephone interview next week! Excited:O)

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