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Applying for threshold in Wales

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by Scottie Rach, Aug 17, 2015.

  1. I need advice on how to apply for threshold in Wales. It has to be done by the 31st of August and my HT has said that she can't help me on what I am meant to do. Does anyone know where I can find the specific criteria on what I am supposed to write and how to present any evidence? Is there a blank list of questions that I could answer or does anyone have any examples that have been used recently?

    Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated as I am getting no assistance from school
  2. BrooklynOyster

    BrooklynOyster New commenter

    I can't believe that your HT has said this!! You need to see the school pay policy (which your HT really should be able to help you with), and make your application accordingly. It's impossible for anyone to give you any more help as all schools are able to (and are obliged to) write their own policies as of Sept '14.

    Does UPS even exist in your school anymore?
  3. I do think it's a personal thing, but I've been asking since March, and before I went on Mat leave. She told me (in front of other staff) that she couldn't help me as they've been advised not to assist and that its down to the teacher. My deputy is fairly new and saying she doesn't know. So today I called HR and was told that they are meant to be helping me. My head is leaving and so I have retried the deputy. Just need guidance
  4. Malaguena

    Malaguena New commenter

    You don't "apply" to go through threshold anymore because there is no such thing as "threshold" anymore - as others have said, it is just the upper reaches of your own school's pay policy. You read that, you check you have met your PM targets and you apply for a pay rise at the end of your school PM cycle. Good luck.
  5. Piranha

    Piranha Star commenter

    I would download and read a copy of School Teachers' Pay and Conditions, assuming that this applies to you. Here is a link. www.gov.uk/.../school-teachers-pay-and-conditions-2015 .

    Not all the information given above is strictly accurate. For example, the Main Scale Range and Upper Pay Range are set out in that document, and not decided by the school. Section 15 says how the transition between the two should be managed, with 15.3 showing that the school must publish a policy on the application process. The need for a policy is mentioned in several other places.

    I would ask (demand?) to see the policy, getting Union assistance if needed. It is a disgrace that there are still schools where it is hard to find. It should, IMO, be available in an obvious place on the school network, or obtainable easily by request.
  6. I've now been told I have to provide evidence to show how I have met all the teacher standards! Is this right? I though it was meant to be about your own PM targets?? Not the entires teaching standards!
  7. Malaguena

    Malaguena New commenter

    It is becoming a bit of thing. In a recent school, our PM booklet asked us to provide "evidence" of how we meeting the teachers standards throughout the year. Our union reps pointed out that this was someone onerous and bureaucratic and it should be assumed that a teacher is meeting the standards unless proved otherwise. So yes, showing how you met the standards was part of the PM and therefore pay policy. There are the extra UPS standards that you could show that you are meeting - it would be reasonable to assume you can show how you meet those?
  8. Piranha

    Piranha Star commenter

    Not true, I am afraid. Under the old system, you used your PM targets to show that you met the UPS standards. If the targets didn't reflect this, then you would not move up. In the instructions to the Head, the old (optional) form said:

    Before assessing whether the teacher meets the post-Threshold standards the head teacher must first be satisfied, on the basis of the evidence contained in the appraisal reports and planning and review statements, that the teacher meets the Teachers’ Standards. If the Teachers’ Standards are not met, you must not proceed with the post-Threshold assessment, and must write to the teacher setting out the rationale for the judgement.

    If the Teachers’ Standards are met the head teacher then goes on to assess whether the teacher meets the post-Threshold standards set out on page 5 of this form, having regard to the evidence contained in the appraisal report and/or planning and review statements.

    Before that, you had to produce evidence, which had the advantage that you didn't have to be creative coming up with PM targets, but the disadvantage that it took ages.

    The new system allows schools to decide their own policy.

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