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Applying for SENCO - no experience please help!

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by beccy9876, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Hi

    I am thinking about applying for the role as a SENCO (in mainstream primary school). I have had a lot of experience working with SEN children but have not held the role as SENCO. Looking at the Job description and person specs they are looking for someone who is familiar with the Code of practice (I have a copy) and current developments - these I am not sure about. The job description also mentions Wave 2, 3 and provsion for MA/G&T. Is there somewhere I can find out this information or are there documents I should read?

    I would be grateful for any help


  2. Mmmm I dont wish to appear rude but it sounds like you have a lot to find out about for this role. Apply and give it a go but if you are up against someone who has worked as a SENCO you are going to have to be rather good at interview.
    Are you a qualified teacher and what teaching experience have you had? Have you had experience of managing people, managing parents, working with different pupils.

  3. Thanks for your reply. The job description says it can be someone who is looking for a new challenge so I just want to show that I am prepared to work hard to develop. I've been teaching for 7 years, currently hold a TLR which I've had for over a year so have been managing people. I've worked with several SEN children and have great success with them - but have just not been the SENCO. There are other parts to the role other than SENCO which I fit but I just wanted to do some background reading to show that I am committed to my personal development. Any pointers in the right direction would be gratefully received - I have already spent several hours looking on the internet and reading documents already.

  4. Ah now thats a better CV view than your 1st post.

    • You will need to show an understanding of the Code of Practice.
    • Of how provision maps are impacting on SEN planning
    • Of what makes a good IEP
    • Of the 3 Waves of intervention (should be easy to find on Google but this is a starter http://www.egfl.org.uk/categories/teaching/inclusion/sen/inclusion/wave.html)
    • Of what Outside Agencies can help in your LA and how you access them
    • You may be asked about how you will support Staff
    • What will you do if Staff resist supporting a child with SEN
    • How you would help them with differentiation in a class
    • How you would monitor progress of intervention groups
    And more !!!!!


  5. Fantastic thank you - there are things there that had not crossed my mind - I had completely forgotten about provision mapping! All items added to my list - boy this is going to be a fun half term!

    Thanks again!
  6. No problem - anything else just PM me!
  7. you can pm me too if you want, I used to be a senco in primary.
  8. Any news beccy?

  9. Hi

    No news as yet - the deadline isn't until mid march and the interviews at the end of March. I've visited and loved the school so fingers crossed!

    I will let you know what happens!

  10. I've got an interview!!!!! [​IMG]

    Now have to sort out a presentation on the role of inclusion in the primary school... And a 40 min Lit lesson! Nerves hitting in already!


  11. Wow well done !!! When is the interview!!! Gosh thats a harder interview than I had - mine was just an interview with head and some governors!

  12. FenellaF

    FenellaF New commenter

    I have been reading this post with bated breath - so have you had the interview and how did it go?
  13. My interview is on Thursday and I am getting nervous now...

    I have sorted my lesson but am trying to put together my presentation. I am finding it tricky to find a good focus for a 10 minute presentation on "the role of inclusion in the primary school" - I feel like I could go on for hours!

  14. FenellaF

    FenellaF New commenter

    I wish you the best of luck!
  15. Good luck !!
  16. Thanks - I getting very nervous now... I know I won't sleep much tonight.

    I'll let you know how it goes

  17. FenellaF

    FenellaF New commenter

  18. I got it!!!!

    tania_leigh69 likes this.
  19. FenellaF

    FenellaF New commenter

    OMG fantastic! I bet you're over the moon!
    What kinds of questions did they ask you (I have an interview at end of April for SENCo) so your post has given me a bit of hope!
  20. I got asked questions relating to my presentation that I had done on inclusion - talking about inclusion is for everyone and making sure that achievements are recognised from all.
    I was asked a couple of scenario questions - teacher struggling with poorly behaved child asks for more TA hours what do I do
    Questions about dealing with parents and parents complaints. I will also have be a foundation or KS1 leader (not confirmed which yet) so I had questions on how I would ensure continuity between classes. I had to do an observation of a teacher as part of the interview and give feedback to the panel on what I would say to that teacher (and what grade I would give the lesson).
    Safeguarding children came up and my mind went blank! They reworded the question for me which was really kind!
    I think there were more so as they come back to me I shall post them on here!
    Sorry for the delay I've been ill - probably from all the stress of the last few weeks.

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