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Applying for pension

Discussion in 'Retirement' started by roseangel, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. I am going to apply for an ARP this week. I am currently doing supply work through an agency so therefore not in pensionable employment at the moment. This seems to mean I can't apply online. Am I likely to encounter difficulties in being granted an ARP? And can I take it from mid August rather than the end of August as I won't be earning anything in the summer holidays so will need some money?
  2. Thanks, I'll let you know how I get on. I am definitely eligible.
  3. I've sent my application in today.........!
  4. I've had an email to say it is being processed and will be paid on the day I elected. ( I chose 1st August as most people will go for 1st September but I won't be paid in the summer holidays so could do with the money then. And one month won't make much difference to what I will get.)
  5. Yes very encouraging I also need to do it shortly as going to take it a few months before 60.
  6. martinalford

    martinalford New commenter

    I submitted an ARP application online nearly a month ago but heard nothing. I rang TPA this morning and they were very helpful. They had sent an e-mail straight away to County Payroll asking for confirmation of salary & service but hadn't had a response. They advised me to nudge Payroll, which I did. Payroll had indeed received the e-mail but nobody had noticed, so no action taken! They are going to act on it pronto, needless to say.
    Moral of the story: if your application doesn't appear on the 'Track My Case' section of the TPS website within 4 weeks or so of you submitting it, ask some questions. It may save you heartache later.

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