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Applying for part time?

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by blueone, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. blueone

    blueone New commenter

    I am seriously considering applying for part time at my school. I came back to a full time post in sept after having my first baby. To be honest, im struggling. I work in a challenging school, with a demanding workload and Ive cried 3 times since we've been back (since the beginning of this term!) due to high stress, an expanding workload and the general responsibilities of being a mummy. So before i apply i need some info from any heads who know what the process is and how you would react to a pt application.
    Is each full day of work worth 20% of your pay. So for example if i worked 3 days would I earn 60% of my current salary?
    Can I request what days I want to work? Will that be considered? Or will i have to fit into the schools agenda?
    On what grounds may i be denied?
    In your view, how will it affect my lont term career prospects? I am or was quite ambitious and do see my self in a leadership role in the future so was wondering how this may affect this?
    Lastly, how easy is it to return full time, say after a few years??
    I know its a lot of questions but im seriously considering how this will affect my life and career!
    Many thanks xx
    Ps i work in primary
  2. I speak from experience as someone who worked 3 days a week as Assistant Head then got my first headship when I was ready to work full time - it doesn't harm your career prospects at all as long as you are still keen to take on responsibility during you days at work.
    • You have to formally request it - the school can refuse if they think it will be detrimental to the children / smooth running of the school etc. You can appeal against their decision but people rarely do.
    • You will get a new contract as a part time member of staff. You have no automatic right to return to full time. You may have to apply for a full time job advertised at the school or move on.
    • You can suggest a working pattern (e.g. Monday - Wednesday) but it must fit with school organisation. Make it sound attractive to them e,g, you want to be there on all staff meeting days. They should make it reasonable e.g. with 2 full days off rather than working every morning
    • If there is another teacher who fancies job sharing with you even better - apply together.
    • 3 days would be 3/5 of your current salary - don't forget this also means that you won't be paying into the pension at the same rate.
    The most important thing is that if your request is granted, show your willingness to compromise (I went into occasional PD Days on my 'days off' and anything else important). Also you must put a lot of effort in on your 3 days in school - what I found hard is that there was no Friday afternoon wind-down. I worked at full speed for my 3 days there, and worked at home a bit on my days off. I wad determined that it wouldn't slow down my career so it didn't
  3. blueone

    blueone New commenter

    Thanks, Im very willing and consciensious so i will do everything in my power to appease the school where possible but im finding working ft a real personal struggle. Im working very long hours with little free time and it would be more of a necessity at the moment. Im going to have a long hard think about it and see what i come up with and/or whether its right for me x
  4. You can have part time TLR

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