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Applying for part time

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by snowcloud, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. snowcloud

    snowcloud New commenter

  2. I can give you the letter I adapted if you want it?
    As long as we can afford it, I intend to go back on the 1st July i.e. get paid just before summer holidays and August - have also requested part time. If they want me to, I will consider full time for July (the job I was doing may mean they want me too!) and go part time in Sept. I think I could deal with full time for 3 weeks. the thought does put shivers through me though!!!

  3. I adapted the linked letter, however sadly my request got refused (though I don't think the template had anything to do with it!).
    I would recommend you address all of the ways in which any negative effect on the students could be minimised, which I guess depends on what you teach. In my case I teach 4 KS3 classes for 4 periods a week and 2 GCSE classes for 2 periods a week. After I had sent the letter I realised that this could have been split as a job share without sharing classes by my having double lessons but the head probably wouldn't have gone for it anyway.
    If you get along with your head I would recommend trying to have a meeting to discuss it informally first as once you put the application in they can formally refuse it and then you have no right to reapply for another 12 months (though you can appeal the decision). This way you can see if there is any way it could work and then shape your proposal accordingly.

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