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applying for new jobs whilst on mat leave?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Collywobbles, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Hi

    I have been in the same school for 7 years now and had i not become pregnant would be looking to change schools. I am due next academic year and am not sure how long i'll be able to afford to take off.

    I know i want to go from full time to part time as this will be child 2 in nursery and the cost of extra 2 days will equate to pay loss. I am pretty sure this request will not be met in our school and want a change anyway.

    I am already struggling to cope with the demands of work in current post as in notice to improve (which hopefully we'll be out of by the time i have baby).

    My question is, can i apply for another job in the same authority whilst on mat leave t start when i return to work? Or... will iI have to request part time in my current school and return there first to keep my maternity pay? I don't want to be sneaky and am happy to tell head my plans but don't want to 'burn my bridges' and say i'm not returning there after mat leave in case i don't get another job..???

    ***excuse the typos, written in rush with 2 year old's fingers all over keyboard x
  2. As long as you work continuously for an LEA (doesn't have to be the same one) you can start a new job without returning to your current one. I am in the same boat - due in August and looking for any job that starts in January!
  3. thanks for that. How are you going about informing your head? Do they know you are applying for new jobs? Are you applying for jobs that involve a change in hours?

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