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Applying for new jobs procedure???

Discussion in 'Primary' started by donna1107, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. Im after some advice. Im currently an NQT on a one year contract. The school were quite crafty really cos the contract states that its a one year contract due to temporary increase in number, but basically its really a maternity cover. I still need to ask if the contract will be renewed, but im pretty sure that as the teachers who are on maternity leave are coming back at easter, my contract wont be renewed. And to be honest, im not sure i want it to be renewed.
    Anyway, ive seen a vacancy for a school and i really want to go for it. I want to relocate back to my hometown so this school is perfect. Im planning on seeing it next week, and hopefully then applying. The vacancy closes on the 2nd Feb. Basically, im not sure about the procedure of letting the school know etc. Im aware that the new school will prob request references before the interview, which means ill need to talk to the head. But what then if i dont get it, and my head is funny with me. She obviously then doesnt have to extend my contract as she knows that im looking elsewhere!!! Its very confusing!!! Technically, im not handing in my notice, im just looking elsewhere!
    Advice please!!!
  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Be open with the HT from the start. They will find out when asked for a reference and indeed heads do talk. Your head would rather hear it from you than from someone else.

    Your head knows you have a temporary contract and so will be expecting you to be looking around for other posts anyway. Just say something like 'I'm starting to look for posts to start when this one finishes, obviously I'd love to stay here but realise that isn't likely to be possible. Can I count on you to provide me with a reference please?' She won't be funny with you, or if she is, you know for sure you want to go.

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