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applying for new job after time out

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by speaker2, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. speaker2

    speaker2 Occasional commenter

    Hi . I have had time out from my (long) teaching career as I needed to stop and breathe. Nothing dramatic happened when I left my previous job, no bad feelings.

    Now I am ready to return and want to start applying for posts- how on earth do I get shortlisted when it looks as if I have had a gap for no good reason.

    It feels as if I am doomed to fail as my personal mental health will be under scrutiny.
    Any advice ?
  2. JohnJCazorla

    JohnJCazorla Star commenter

    There is meant to be a recruitment and retention crisis. Of course this depends greatly on location, specialism, catchment and quality of Leadership but if you go for the bottom-end schools then they'll merely check if you have a pulse as well as QTS. You could pick up experience there for a year.

    Or maybe supply but you'll still be most employed in the bottom-end which can be wearing.

    A bigger problem won't necessarily be getting to the interview but trying to maintain the salary that you feel you deserve.
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  3. jago123

    jago123 Established commenter

    Put on your CV that you had a career break, if you’ve got a strong CV with lengthy experience with employers then you have a good chance of being shortlisted as opposed to having an 8 page CV because you have changed your job every couple of years.
    Good Luck.
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  4. kkimirwin

    kkimirwin New commenter

    I've just returned to teaching after a 4.5 year break. Again, nothing dramatic happened - I just needed a break.
    I signed up with a supply agency and went straight into two long term supply posts, then was successful getting the second permanent job I applied for. I am Maths though. I have to say that the break did me a world of good and I feel like a much better teacher for it.
  5. Louisa789

    Louisa789 New commenter

    I am also strongly considering a move back into teaching after a five year break and am very scared at the prospect. Will be interested to hear people's advice too as I've no experience of supply and think that this is the best place to start initially, for myself. I taught for close to ten years in primary before my change of career.
  6. Lucy2711

    Lucy2711 Occasional commenter

    That's quite a break, kkimirwin! How easy was it to get back in the saddle so to speak?

    Flyingcarpet, I would hope that any school leadership could empathise (envy you even!) and appreciate someone joining them refreshed after a break. If they don't, would you want to work there?
    Good luck!
  7. Lindzloo

    Lindzloo New commenter

    Hi I took a small leadership break of around two years during pregnancy and after the birth. Did a little supply but I was shortlisted for three Headships last year. Only made two interviews as two of the three were on the same day! I haven’t got Headship yet due to me fudging the last bit of the gruelling interview process but don’t loose faith!!!! If you have decent career history, it’s totally acceptable! Make a point of visiting the school and explain- you don’t get chance to do this on your application form and on your supporting letter you have to try and explain your experience against the job spec so not enough words!! I agree a little supply helps just to find your feet but I’d take a longer term contract for a term. Good luck!

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