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applying for 'my job'

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by missh27, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. I have recently started teaching a nursery class in a school
    My contract was from january until summer the reason being was the school was unsure about howmuch funding the EYFS would get next year.
    The school has found out the nursery will be funded for next year and today on the school printer, someone had printed out a job advert for a new EYFS teacher from September 2012 for our school. (not sure I was meant to see this and the job advert hasn't gone out to the council yet).
    do you think I will be told about this? As I am currently doing the job and I would like to be the nursery teacher next year?
    do you think I will have to apply?

    and i'm sure they'll have to tell me at some point as other candidates will have to come and teach my class
    I am just glad I have seen it now as the advert closes in two weeks and If i hadnt seen it I might have missed the deadline.

    Miss H

  2. I've been in this position lots of times in my recent years as a supply teacher. I have had a series of long term supply assignments, covering complete years. Most times the job has eventually been advertised and I have applied. However, I am expensive once paid to scale, so it's not a done deal. Increasingly I have negotiated short term contracts in this situation. The schools don't seem to want to commit to an expensive member of staff long term, but will do it for a bit! Schools always seem to advertise - the days of walking into a permanent post from a temporary seem to have gone. They seem to like to maximise their choices. After all they have to justify their staffing and budget decisions to all and sundry. Don't take it personally.Good luck. With your knowledge of the school you have a good chance of getting the job, but I would repeat that it isn't a 'done deal'.
  3. Thank you for the good advice
    I am currently an NQT so by next september would only be m2 so as a teacher i'm still fairly cheap.
    Miss H
  4. Leapyearbaby64

    Leapyearbaby64 New commenter

    I think it is very rude of them not to explain why they have advertised the job.
  5. well the job advert has come out
    one for nursery (12 month contract)
    and one for ks2 (permanent)
    and the headteacher today said I was welcome to apply for both and I am going to.
  6. schools have to advertise now even if they have an internal applicant in mind. Good luck
  7. well I applied for both jobs and I have an interview in a couple of weeks!
    not being observed for nursery (as i was observed recently and it was graded good)
    but do have to teach a literacy lesson to Y3, no idea what i'm going to do.

    Miss H
  8. Best of luck. Let us know how you get on.
  9. Sadly, it is common place to have to apply for your own job as you are having to. However, I am disgusted that the school did not have the common decency to let you know the situation before the advert went out. You may need to ask yourself do you want to work for this school.
    As for the situation thumbie described where you had repeated failed interviews for the job that you continued to do, I wouldn't have given them the satisfaction of having the job "filled" and I'd have walked out. You're better than that.
  10. I was tempted to do that reb! However I needed the job and loved the children.
  11. Yeah - at least when I had to apply for the job I was already doing (didn't get it- head wanted me, others on the appointing body appear to have wanted a man - shortlist of 4 candidates - all male - hey-ho) the head gave me the job description and told me "this is going on the internet tonight" so I knew it was on the cards.
    What ranks as even more rotten.... when you don't get it and they don't tell you the newsletter announcing you're leaving at the end of the term is going out that night... that one finished me off!

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